Farm and Garden Jobs

Byron, California

Beautiful flowers and delicious vegetable don’t magically grow themselves. Luckily, you know a thing or two about getting food from the ground to a plate or what accent flowers to plant that won’t get eaten by the local wildlife. Some even call you the eggplant whisperer. Or at least, that’s what you call yourself. Find your garden.

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Full-time live, work, learn in rural Buddhist center. Hands-on training - Buddhist sacred art, organic gardens, trade skills. Incl. Buddhist practice & study.

  • spring
  • summer
  • fall

Join us on our Biodynamic farm in Upstate New York for a summer of agriculture, art, and adventure!

  • summer

Engage in a year of meaningful service, fostering profound, genuine relationships, and experiencing the joys and challenges of lifesharing in a therapeutic, rural community environment.

  • year round