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Attracting quality talent is only half the battle. To capture and maintain the interest of job seekers, Employers must provide a smooth, mobile-friendly job application experience, and possess the tools to quickly organize applications and communicate with applicants to keep them engaged throughout the hiring process. We have just that set of tools for you.

Built for small to medium sized seasonal employers with functionality and affordability as a focus, The Staffing Center by CoolWorks is an applicant tracking system designed specifically to meet the needs of seasonal employers.

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Applicant Tracking System By Seasonal Employers, for Seasonal Employers

The Staffing Center was designed with the seasonal employer in mind by current and former seasonal HR/recruiting pros, resulting in a software that is optimized for the unique challenges faced by seasonal employers of all sizes:

  • Customized online job application including position-specific questions
  • Filtering tools to help you screen applicants by job choice, availability dates, application date, etc.
  • Easily track applicants as they move through your hiring process (New, In Review, Offered, Hired or Declined, etc.)
  • Create and manage your job list, including detailed job descriptions. Manage your list to match your real time hiring, opening and closing positions as you fill them.
  • Integrates with your CoolWorks Enhanced Employer Profile. As you fill positions and close them, updates are automatically reflected on your Enhanced Profile job list page, driving interest and applicants towards positions you still need to receive applications for.

Seamless Job Seeker Experience

In an incredibly competitive hiring climate, an application process that results in a seamless job seeker experience is critical for successfully converting interested job seekers into an enthusiastic and qualified team season after season.

  • Mobile-friendly application ensures all users can easily access and complete your application from anywhere.
  • Live job list shows which positions you are actively seeking to fill, reducing confusion and frustration for potential applicants.
  • 🚀 Quick Apply feature allows CoolWorks job seekers to easily fill out basic application details, reducing application time and increasing completion rates (coming soon!)

Less Clutter & Miscommunication = More Time for Your Team

Paper, PDF, and other outdated application processes lead to disorganization, disjointed e-mail chains, miscommunication, misplaced papers and ultimately, missed opportunities for grabbing great new employees. Let the Staffing Center do the hard work of streamlining and organizing your application process.

  • Send and receive email communications to Applicants and References directly from the Applicant dashboard. Custom email templates make quality communication quick and easy.
  • With customizable hiring staff permissions, hire collaboratively and remotely by inviting stakeholders to review and weigh in on application decisions from anywhere and based on the level of access they need.
  • Stay on the same page as your team with internal notes on the applicant’s record.
  • Admin dashboard provides an instant glimpse of current applicant pipeline and gaps in your staffing progress.


Staff Size1 – 2425 – 4950 – 149150 – 249250+
per month billed annually
per month billed annually
per month billed annually
per month billed annually
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$59 billed monthly$85 billed monthly$135 billed monthly$195 billed monthly

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Interested but not quite ready to dive in? Check out this Help Center post with more details on what exactly the Staffing Center is and how an ATS can benefit your business and please reach out with any questions.