The Oasis at Death Valley

Envision Yourself in an Oasis, the Oasis at Death Valley

All Xanterra operations at the Oasis at Death Valley is suspended from March 20 – through May 21, 2020 due to concerns surrounding COVID-19. At this moment, we are not hiring new employees. We are currently working on taking care of our current staff, making sure we have proper safety protocols in place, and assisting employees that were scheduled to check-in within the next 2 weeks.

Death Valley is the largest U.S. National Park outside Alaska at 3.4 million acres, and is renowned for being one of the driest and hottest places on earth. The Oasis at Death Valley is located in beautiful Death Valley National Park in southern California. Just 120 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada, and 275 miles northeast of Los Angeles, California.