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  1. Prayer Wheels for World Peace: Fabrication and installation of 2000 Prayer Wheels surrounding the Main Temple. Concrete and metal fabrication, construction in steel and wood, electrical.

  2. Organic vegetable gardens:  Must be self-starting, independent, reliable, physically able for manual work all day: with or without garden experience is OK.  For the motivated person, this is an excellent learning opportunity.   You will start out working part-time in the gardens and on other projects. If you show dedicated passion for gardening, you will be assigned more and more time with the gardens. 

  3. Help us set up our fiber network, wireless connectivity for everyone!:  Seeking someone willing to crawl under buildings and engage the nitty-gritty of the new wireless network system for our residential area. You will learn about networking in the process as the hardwired section is completed and the  system is brought online. You must be a reliable and productive as an independent worker. 

All Odiyan residents also participate on a weekly basis in at least one or more of the following: 

  • Landscaping
  • Vegetable gardening
  • Repairs on machines, buildings and temples
  • Vegetarian cooking  (Everyone takes turns cooking,  Don't worry, we will teach you) 
  • Administrative work: fundraising, marketing, web and graphic design, programming. (Always glad to have people apply with these crucial skills) 
  • If you already have demonstrable skills in any of the above areas, you may request to work more days on projects utilizing those skills.


General Job Requirements: 

Physically fit and able to engage in manual labor for hours a day, including lifting, bending, being on your knees. The lifestyle of Odiyan is more physically oriented than our general culture. You will walk a lot, be on your feet moving or standing, and will have a full schedule of activity 6 days a week; from work to classes to cooking and meal clean-up. 

We prefer people who have experience with tools and small machines but it is not required.


  • Gardeners Needed! Be outside, work on the land!

    Help us maintain and develop our two acres of mixed vegetables. We are seeking hardy and enthusiastic people who are eager for getting their hands in the dirt and learning from our community the arts of growing and preserving food. 

    You need to be strong, able to bend, lift and be on your knees.  You can work with our master gardener who has 30 years of experience with vegetables, medicinal and ornamental plants.   You can work with other younger volunteers who have already been at Odiyan for a few years and are passionate about sustainability and organic eating.

    We appreciate at least a 6 month commitment, or even better is to stay for three seasons (9 months). 

    Like everyone at Odiyan, you will have some time doing other projects as well such as building prayer wheels, helping with construction or helping at the Foundry. 

    Join us for an experience and a place you will never forget for the rest of your life! 


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  • Contstruction Prayer Wheels for World Peace

    Odiyan Buddhist Retreat Center, California

    Join our international team on a completely unique sacred building project making over 2000 prayer wheels to surround the Odiyan Main Temple.   Ongoing since the Fall of 2017, this project will run for all of 2019.  

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How to Apply

Send your resume, photo and  statement of interest to volunteer@odiyan.org. We will respond within a few days.


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