Jobs by Category

Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina

Whether you enjoy sand beneath your toes, the smell of pine in the air, or snowflakes on your eyelashes, we’ve gathered jobs from great places across the globe. We hope these categories will make your job search easier and show you some possibilities that you might not have otherwise considered. Click around to start exploring your next big adventure.


Administrative Jobs

Want to put your professional skills to work in some of the best places in the world? Finance, Human Resources, Accounting, Operations, Food and Beverage Management - companies in National Parks, Ski Resorts, and all the wild places in between hav...

Brewery, Distillery, Vineyard and Winery Jobs

The business of craft beverages - beer, spirits, wine, kombucha, and others - continues to grow and needs motivated individuals with a passion for the art of beverage production and service. Take your food and beverage skills in a unique direction...

Camp Jobs

Make memories that last longer than mosquito bites and poison ivy. After all, you’ll never be too old for rope swings and canoe races. Change lives, including your own.


Four walls and a roof are highly overrated! You prefer seeing the stars at night and brewing your morning coffee over a fire pit. Or you're a Snowbird, and you follow the sun in your home on wheels. Grab a job at a campground and be with your people!

Conservation Corps Jobs

You’re a pro with a pickaxe and a champ with all things conservation. Whether you’re volunteering on a trail crew or educating a youth crew, you like making positive change in the world. Give back to the wild places that give you so much joy.

Construction & General Labor Jobs

Attention tradespeople and construction pros! Ready to build your career in new surroundings? Whether your new to the trades, an apprenctice, or a master, find year-round and seasonal positions for electricians, plumbers, carpenters, general labor...

Creative Jobs

Your creative talents are in demand! Photography, music, writing, performing and visual arts - whatever your artistic skill, find opportunities to put those skills to work in a place you’ve always wanted to live.

Cruise Ship Jobs

If staying on the go and seeing lots of new places in a short amount of time sounds appealing to you, then a job aboard might be worth a try! Cruise lines hire for a wide variety of positions, from housekeeping, guest services, and food and bevera...

Driving and Transportation Jobs

Planes, trains, boats or auto - you feel free and alive when you're on the move. Whether it's driving a ski town shuttle, sharing your knowledge and passion as a Driver/Guide, or at the helm of a tour boat navigating otters, whales, and glaciers, ...

Education Jobs

Classrooms are good, but forests are better! From outdoor and environmental education, to teaching English overseas, to showing someone how to carve the perfect turns, there are plenty of opportunities to share your knowledge and skills.

Environmental Jobs

If environmental endeavors call to your core, put your brains and passions to work in fields that are important and engaging to you. Consider these Environmental jobs and travel the world while satisfying your intellectual curiosity!

F&B Culinary Jobs

You know your way around the kitchen - slicing and dicing, chopping and washing. You bring your knives and your creativity wherever you go. Whether you’re a cook, a dishwasher, a baker, or a chef, you're a team player who’s always ready to roll up...

F&B Food Service Jobs

You’re drawn to a fast-paced environment where you’re ready to handle a bus load of guests, talk up the tourists, and make someone’s day. You’re organized, a natural multitasker, and have a steady hand when curve balls are thrown your way. Whether...

Farm and Garden Jobs

Beautiful flowers and delicious vegetable don’t magically grow themselves. Luckily, you know a thing or two about getting food from the ground to a plate or what accent flowers to plant that won’t get eaten by the local wildlife. Some even call yo...

Golf Course Jobs

You feel connected with one of the world’s oldest sports, which dates back to 15th century Scotland. Travel to great new places and get closer to the game you love and by checking out these jobs on the Links!

Government Jobs

Great places need great public servants, too! Government entities of all sizes employ folks with a wide range of skill sets, from drivers and maintenance techs to park rangers and engineers. Explore a career in the public sector and play a role in...

Guest Services

You’re a people person through and through. From taking reservations to checking in guests to helping them discover the many fun activities there are in your spectacular location, you do it all with grace and a smile. Help guests enjoy the great p...

Guide Jobs and Trip Leaders

A class four rapid or a hairy mountain traverse doesn’t make you sweat. You enjoy sharing your passion for adventure with others, even if they don’t know the difference between an inflatable kayak and a cataraft. When you talk, people listen, and ...

Health Care / First Responder Jobs

Calling all healthcare heroes and first responders seeking a fresh horizon! Want a scenic escape while serving others? Your adventure begins here. Unlock opportunities across diverse locales, and explore an array of year-round and seasonal roles a...

Hot Springs

The physical and mental health benefits of soaking in hot mineral water have been appreciated since the first toe was dipped in a natural hot spring. If you’re always on the search for a hot water oasis, consider spending a season at one of these ...

Housekeeping Jobs

Do you have an eye for cleanliness and organization? Do you prefer to be on the move throughout your day, working both inside and out? You’re in the right place! If you have an interest in hospitality and a desire to build experience in lodging op...


Learn the ropes. Or the migration patterns of Canada Geese. Or the leadership skills it takes to run a summer camp. Sometimes, gaining experience can be more useful than gaining a paycheck, and more fun than sitting in a classroom.

J1 / H2B Visa Jobs

If you're interested in working in the USA and have been issued a J-1 or H2B visa permitting you to work in the States, this page provides informative resources and will help you identify employers who are accepting applications from non-resident ...

Jobs On Water

You laugh in the face of rapids. You like looking for whales. You have a red swimsuit with "Lifeguard" on it. No matter what the activity, your sea legs are strong. Dive in to your next adventure.

Jobs with Animals

You’ve got a big heart for our pals in the animal kingdom. Lucky for you, there’s plenty of opportunities to work with animals in Great Places! From dog sled tour operators in Alaska and the Great Lakes, to wranglers at ranches in the Rockies and ...

Jobs with Bikes

If you have a love for the self-propelled life, this is the place to find your perfect opportunity! Lead bike tour groups in beautiful places, put your technical skills to use as a bike mechanic, and more. Let your knowledge and passion for the tw...

Jobs with Fish

Fish have a three second memory. Luckily, your memories last a lifetime! From working retail at fly-fishing shops to teaching fly-fishing and guiding guests, to working at sustainable fisheries or in fish processing plants in Alaska, there’s plent...

Jobs with Housing

Moving across the country to work in a great new place is a daunting prospect if you need to figure out where to live for the season. Fortunately, with these employers, you don't have to! Whether it's shared dorm-style housing on the property of a...

Jobs with Kids

For the right person, kids are a ton of fun, but working with them requires a number of special skills and interests - patience, creativity, a desire to teach, and a knack for caretaking, just to name a few. If this sounds like you, you're in the ...

Jobs with RV Spaces

Home is where you park it. You appreciate the simplicity of RV life, and so do these employers. Explore your next move.

Lodging and Resort Jobs

You want to live and work somewhere you might otherwise only be able to stay for a few days. You enjoy customer service and want to help others have a great vacation. Or maybe you’re a hospitality professional looking for your next seasonal gig. C...

Maintenance Jobs

Even in paradise, things break down from time to time. Whether you’re a jack-of-all-trades handyman or a seasoned specialist looking for a change of scenery, operations in the wildest corners of the country need skilled tradesmen to keep the light...

Managers and Supervisors

You can delegate, organize, and manage like a boss. That’s because you are the boss. You’ve got a knack for this, and it shows. Find your next team to lead.

Mechanic Jobs

Machinery is everywhere, and so is the need for skilled mechanics - even in National Parks, ski resorts, guest ranches, and all the other Great Places you can find on CoolWorks. With the opportunities you'll find here, you can take your mechanic s...

Non Profits

Want to combine your call to explore with your desire to make a difference? With these Non-Profit opportunities, you can put your skills to work supporting a cause that you’re passionate about, and start making your impact on the world today!

Older and Bolder

If you rest, you rust! Ready for your encore career or some simple summer fun in the mountains? If you want to work, live, or volunteer in a great place, we can help you make it happen. Check out the jobs below or get some inspiration and ideas fr...

Outdoor Adventures

Your skill set tends toward river running and rope rigging. You’re an outdoor activities guru - or you’re hoping to be - and we’ve got plenty of positions for those of you who aim to spend your shifts on a zipline or gleefully piloting a raft full...

Production and Manufacturing Jobs

Production and manufacturing covers a wide variety of industries - and some of them happen to operate in Great Places! From salmon canneries in Alaska, the sugar beet harvest of the Northern Plains, to small parts manufacturing in the Rockies, get...

Ranch Jobs

You're up with the roosters. You pitch in wherever necessary to get the job done. You end your day with a community softball game or a square dance. Ranch life is for you! Find your next home on the range.

Restaurant Jobs

You know your way around a flat top or a hostess station almost as well as you know the local trail system. You like working nights because you believe that daylight is for adventuring. Combine your passion inside the restaurant with an outdoor la...

Sales and Retail Jobs

You can connect with anyone you meet. You could sell a cape to Superman. You love all the toys associated with great places, and you know how to get customers excited about them, too. Share your knowledge and passion.

Ski Resort Jobs

You live and breathe powder days. Your goggle tan doesn’t fade until June. You love the camaraderie, the competition, and the cold that comes with living in a ski town. Jump on, and keep your tips up.

Spa Jobs

Massage therapist, Esthetician, Yoga teacher - you’ve got skills and certifications that help people relax and feel better. Resorts, retreat centers and guest ranches in spectacular places give you the opportunity to travel with your skills to you...


Just because a business is in a wild, remote setting doesn’t mean they don’t rely heavily on technology to stay connected. If you’ve got tech, science, engineering, or mathematic experience and skills, your talents are needed everywhere!

Teen Jobs

Paper route? Boring. Babysitting? No thanks. You want a more unique job. Spend your summer making friends, doing something exciting, and making some hard-earned cash. Check it out.

Tour Company Jobs

Tour Operators make up a huge segment of the travel industry, and provide opportunities for customers and employees alike to see the world and enjoy new experiences. Bring your skills to a tour company whose services match your interests and exper...

Volunteer Positions

Giving is your mission, and your altruistic nature can take you on some exciting adventures where you get to put your humanitarian self to work. Learn more about giving back in great places.