J1 / H2B Visa Jobs

Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, New York

If you're interested in working in the USA and have been issued a J-1 or H2B visa permitting you to work in the States, this page provides informative resources and will help you identify employers who are accepting applications from non-resident visa holders.


Can I Work in the United States?

Work in the USA

We often hear from Job Seekers who live outside of the US who discover CoolWorks and want to know if they’d be eligible to apply for the cool opportunities that can be found here. The short answer is: not directly. We don’t say that to be discouraging or negative,…

The J1 Visa Cultural Exchange Program

Work in the USA

If you are a non-US citizen of college / university age and are interested in working a seasonal job in the United States in the travel, tourism, or hospitality industries, the J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa Program is a popular option that might be a good route for obtaining temporary…

The H-2B Non-Agricultural Visa Program

Work in the USA

The H-2B Non-Agricultural Temporary Worker Visa Program allows employers to hire non-US citizens for temporary work if they are able to demonstrate to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that “there are not enough U.S. workers who are able, willing, qualified, and available to do the temporary work” and…

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Live, Work and play on the water! Many opportunities - Historic Hotel, five restaurants, retail shops and a coffee house.

  • spring
  • summer
  • fall

Line Cook

Stout's Island Lodge

Birchwood, Wisconsin

Spend your summer working for the Island of Happy Days!

  • summer

Field Crew

Two Creek Farm

Lakewood, Pennsylvania

Work outdoors with a great team & learn how food is produced in harmony w/ nature! Housing Available

  • summer
  • fall

Head Chef

Happy Acres Restaurant

Waterville, Pennsylvania

Head Chef for a Mountain Resort with Innovative Ideas

  • year round