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Many of us on the Cool Works team have experienced seasonal work from both sides, as employees and employers.  We’ve gathered these resources to help you find, encourage, and train staff; find a gig that’s right for you; connect with your tribe from Millennials to Older and Bolder, or simply learn more about seasonal work in the United States. Have a topic suggestion? Please contact us!

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The Featured Listing

For Employers

We developed the Featured Listing to give you prime placement and a boost of traffic when you need it most. The Featured Listing is an add-on to a currently running Help Wanted or Highlighted Job ad or Employer Profile that drives traffic and interest to your opportunities.

Challenges and Opportunities in a Competitive Recruiting Environment

For Employers

Here at CoolWorks we do our best to actively keep ourselves informed of current economic trends so that we can advise and inform our customers about issues we believe may affect them, steps we believe may help in your recruiting strategies, and what we’re doing at CoolWorks to optimize the traffic to our site to help keep the applications coming in. What follows are some insights we’ve gathered for 2017.

Tips to Help Increase Applicant Flow

For Employers

Your recruiting materials should describe your staffing needs, requirements, and expectations. Equally important, it should illustrate what the job seeker can expect from the experience. One of the top questions a job seeker has while reading your Profile is: What’s it like to work and live there?