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Tractor Beam Recruiting – Three Tips for Creating a High Response Job Ad

Kathi Noaker

 Write Headlines That Grab Attention

Your headline could be the most important element of your ad. It’s your first, and sometimes only chance to grab the attention of that perfect future employee. We live in a world of headlines. Our eyes scan them, and in an instant, we decide whether or not to continue reading in order to learn more.

Here on CoolWorks, your headline is your storefront window, it’s important to optimize this small bit of copy to help you attract and draw jobs seekers to want to click into your ad to read more about your opportunities.

In a tight and hyper competitive recruiting environment, the headline is even more important. If your company offers any special incentives, make sure you include those in your headline. Travel reimbursements, higher starting wages, end of season bonuses, free housing, etc – communicate these things lould and proud from the headline of your basic profile or ad to draw jobs seekers in to read more. 


Set Your Job Ads to Stun

If you succeed in enticing job seekers with your ad headline, then you need to follow it up with informative, employee-centric info about not only your jobs, but also YOUR great place.

A cardinal rule: Job Descriptions are not Job Ads

One of the main reasons job seekers use is that they are interested and excited about taking a job that allows them to travel to, live in and experience a new place! We’ve all read those job ads that are nothing more than a bulleted list of qualifications and requirements that cause our eyes to glaze over and lose interest quickly. CoolWorks and your Great Places are full of soul; let that shine and entice people to spend the summer with you!

In a recent blog post, we brainstormed creating great copy to increase applicant flow to your Recruiting Profile. All those suggestions apply to your job ads as well.


Make It Easy for Interested Candidates to Apply

You’ve rocked your headline and your ad copy is engaging and informative. Now make sure your application instructions are clear, concise and mobile friendly. (Over 50% of our CoolWorks job seekers use mobile devices – phones and tablets – to job search and apply.) Consider the applicants time, and simplify the hoops that you ask them to jump through. They’ll recognize and appreciate it, and it will lay the groundwork for a positive future working relationship.