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Tips to make your Enhanced Employer Profile shine!

Kathi Noaker

 It’s always a good time for a tune-up!

Revisit your Enhanced Employer Profile and pretend YOU’RE the job seeker

The first questions your Profile should answer are: “Who are you? Where are you? What do you do?”

It should also describe your needs, requirements, and expectations, and equally important, it should describe what the job seeker can expect from the experience. One of the top questions a job seeker has while reading your Profile is: What’s it like to work and live there?

In the Employee Experience section of your Profile answer these questions: What does your organization value and how do those values shape your employee’s experience? What’s fun and enriching about working with you?

Seasonal jobs can be the experience of a lifetime. The beauty of the Profile is that it allows you to fully present your organization’s culture, values, personality and expectations to job seekers. This allows them to do their due diligence and become educated and aware of what to expect, as well as know what they’ll be able to look forward to. That leads to the best possible match. Good matches make for happy staff, happy employers, happy guests, and reduce the potential for turnover.

Some helpful tactics to make your Profile shine:

Photos. Photos. Photos.

We cannot emphasize enough how important good photos are! The images you present are of equal importance to the words and messaging you set forth. You know your own reaction when you stumble onto a website that has amazing photos. Instagram has over 300 million users for a reason! And did you know that 73% of Instagrammers are between 15 and 35 years old? – pretty squarely in the seasonal jobseeker age range. You have a beautiful, visual world. Share it!

Tell the candidate why you need them

Save a line or two to tell the interesting, adventurous, excited people who are considering your seasonal opportunity what their presence would do for you. Your employees are often your guests’ first point of contact. You need great employees and depend on them to create a special experience for your guests. After all, they are the ones that you have tasked with delivering, cultivating and creating your guests’ experience. Tell them why you need them, and why they’re important to your operation. This info would fit well in either the Ideal Candidate or Employee Experience section.

We are all one people

There’s only one community, and they all talk to each other. Your Trip Advisor reviews get read by everyone – whether it’s someone interested in your services or in your jobs. And you can bet your guests notice the energy of your employees. Working a seasonal job in a great place is often the kind of experience that people are excited and maybe even a little envious of. Your guests enjoy talking with and asking your staff about their experiences working in your great place when they are visiting you. If those staff are joyful and loving it, that is some of the best marketing that you can’t buy!

Remember, your values come across in your voice and tone of the info you provide, no matter to whom you’re marketin


In the end, compelling recruitment marketing is about stories. People crave authenticity, or even better, a legacy that they can hope to be a part of.

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