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Mobile Apps = More Applicants

Kathi Noaker

During the first six months of 2016, just over 47% of our CoolWorks job seekers used mobile devices – phones and tablets – to job search and apply. Although this is a national trend, it shouldn’t be surprising at all when we consider the mobile nature of the seasonal worker. iphoneCW

If you have an application that’s not mobile friendly, you stand to lose nearly HALF of potential CoolWorks applicants who are engaged and shopping your recruiting materials to employers who are providing them with a way to conveniently apply online.

And if you’re still using a PDF application that an applicant has to print, you could be seriously limiting your application numbers! Desktop computers with connected printers may still show up in libraries or in museum exhibits, (Just kidding on that last part!), but chances are, if someone isn’t on their mobile device, they’ll be on their laptop, and that will not have a cord connected to a printer. In fact, with the proliferation of digital content transmission, a decreasing percentage of households even own printers, so requiring a printed application form will likely result in fewer applications.

The equation is: The more mobile friendly your application process = the more applications you’ll receive.

Cool Works can help you turn that PDF application into a mobile friendly online form, give us a shout!


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