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Mobile Apps = More Applicants

Kathi Noaker

More than half of our CoolWorks job seekers use mobile devices – phones and tablets – to search for opportunities and apply for jobs. Although this is a national trend (and one that is only going to continue), it shouldn’t be surprising at all when we consider the mobile nature of the seasonal worker.

If you have an application that’s not mobile friendly, you stand to lose at least HALF of potential CoolWorks applicants who are engaged and shopping your recruiting materials to employers who are providing them with a way to conveniently apply online.

And if you’re still using a PDF application that an applicant has to print, you could be seriously limiting your application numbers! Desktop computers with connected printers may still show up in libraries (or possibly in museum exhibits in the not too distant future), but chances are, if someone isn’t on their mobile device, they’ll be on their laptop, and that will not have a cord connected to a printer. In fact, with the proliferation of digital content transmission, a decreasing percentage of households even own printers, so requiring a printed application form (not to mention the scanner, fax machine or post to send it back) will likely result in fewer applications.

Asking for a resume and cover letter is also less than optimal. With a digital employment application, you not only make it easier for applicants to apply, but you can also combat the unwanted “resume spamming” that can result in people sending their materials off to you without thoroughly considering your operation, your positions, and if they’d really be a good fit and genuinely would like to apply and pursue your opportunities. With a custom built online form, you also get the opportunity to extract valuable information on the first step instead of waiting until the interview stage to ask the questions that you know will inform you as to whether or not someone might be a good fit for your team.

Compare the application process to online shopping: if you found some items you liked, added them to your cart, and then reached the checkout screen, how likely would you be to proceed if your were prompted with a message that said, “Just print out this order form, write down your items and payment information, and mail or fax it to us!” Job seekers turn into future employees who turn into the face of your company. They are your Number 1 customer, and their experience applying, on-boarding, and coming to work for you should be crafted with the same consideration as your customer experience.

The equation is: The more mobile friendly your application process = the more applications you’ll receive.

CoolWorks can help you turn that PDF application into a mobile-friendly online form which comes with a fabulous set of recruiting tools, to learn more just give us a shout!