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Retention Starts With Motivation

Kelcy Fowler

Most of us here at CoolWorks were once sitting where you are now. The majority of Team CW comes from a Human Resources and seasonal recruiting background. We understand your world and the varied and colorful challenges you face. Whether you are an HR Manager, a do-it-all proprietor, or an office admin that suddenly finds themselves “helping out with the hiring,” everyone is on the same mission: to find the best and the brightest people to help you make your operation a success each season.

Here at CoolWorks we believe in the life changing power of a seasonal job. We consider the people in the positions to hand out these life-changing opportunities to be wielders of a certain kind of magic. HR is nothing if it isn’t danged hard! But you wield a magic wand. You grant people a fork in the road that they’d have never seen coming – and that is AWESOME.

You’ve waved your magic wand (and put a lot of hard work into doing so) to get your staff to your property, and give them the opportunity to experience a seasonal job in a great place. Many of us, and perhaps you yourself are sitting where you are because of that first seasonal job that you took once upon a time. So I encourage you to reach back and connect with your first seasonal job self. Remember how scary it was? Remember how small things felt like big things, and probably a few key things made or unmade your experience?

A recruiting strategy is necessary, a retention strategy is crucial. You’ve worked hard to get them there and it’s going to require some of the same to keep them there. The employees who are motivated, coached and mentored – are the ones who will be sitting at your desk someday. With any luck they’re the ones that will return as your department head managers and supervisors in future seasons. They will help you strengthen both your recruiting and retention game. If it’s a great place to work and they feel invested in and cared about, they’re not just going to stay the entire season – they’re going to come back for another and bring their friends. Invest in them and they’ll thrive, so will your organization and so will you. Treat them well. Teach them how to be good representatives of your company. Help them grow in their skills. Get your management team onboard and make it a north star of your organization. Surround yourself with a network of other seasonal HR people that can offer advice or ideas.

Do unto others as you would have done to yourself. Working relationships should be about mutual respect.

Here is a cool presentation via RSA Animate featuring Daniel Pink, the author of Drive – a worthwhile read for anyone in Human Resources or a management role of any kind. Curious what motivates you? Your employees? Having purpose is key. It’s worth the watch.