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Going Beyond the Job Description: Writing Effective Job Ads

Kathi Noaker

Is that a Job Description you’re about to post as a Job Ad?
Wait – there’s a big difference!

Have a position you need to fill and a job description already written up and ready to go? Planning on running it as a job ad? Before you copy and paste your job description in to serve as your job ad, consider the important differences.

Think of your job ad as telling a story about who you are, where you are, what your open position is, and what it’s like to work in that position at your amazing location. Your ad is an opportunity to be creative and engaging and will serve to pull in like-minded folks and get them intrigued and excited about the possibility of working for you. You want them to be able to think, “I can see myself there”. Also be sure to include any perks you may offer, including room & board information.

Conversely, a job description is the nitty-gritty of the specific job responsibilities and requirements. If the job seeker has read your ad and is thinking: “This sounds like a place and a job I’d like!”, then they’ll want to dig in to understand more of the specifics of the job, especially to see if they’re qualified.

A job as a retail sales clerk, a dining room server, or a housekeeper may have similar job descriptions, but the job ad itself will be VERY different depending on your place, your location, your room and board situation, transportation logistics, employee perks, etc. Go beyond just providing the job description in your job ad so that potential applicants will get a better idea of what their experience will be like working for you.

Each employer on CoolWorks has a unique experience to offer. You’ll want to market your experience to job seekers just as you would to your guests, and a well thought out job ad will do just that!