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Lake Tahoe, California

Employers who use CoolWorks are located all across the US and the world. In national parks, on islands and beaches, at resorts, ranches, camps, ski resorts, and more! We also feature volunteer opportunities domestically and internationally. Whether it’s a seasonal job or a year-round position, if your operation is in a great place, we invite you to register and explore our options!


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You’ve got needs, and we’ve got options. With two glass slippers to choose from, you’ll find your fit with our ads. We recommend our seven day Help Wanted ad to advertise for those positions you still need to fill before opening your doors for the season, mid-season attrition, or late season hiring. The 30-day Highlighted Job ad allows you the time it takes to find your puzzle piece applicant for that specific position that requires a more dialed-in skill set or experience level. Read more.


Retail Management

Glacier Park, Inc.
Glacier National Park, Montana

Grocery Assistant Managers wanted in Glacier National Park for Summer 2017!


Help Wanted Ad

Advertise multiple jobs in one post.

This all-purpose and dynamic 7-day ad allows you to advertise multiple openings, plug an upcoming job fair, send fresh traffic to your employer profile, or simply kick off a general recruiting push. It’s lean, mean, and works magic.

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Advertise an individual position.

Have a seasonal or year-round position that calls for a specific skill set or a more experienced candidate? This 30-day ad gives you the extra time it can sometimes take for that perfect fit to find you!

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We offer the following discounts on pre-purchased job posts:

25 – 50 posts:
10% Discount
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15% Discount

If you're interested in purchasing an Ad Package, email us at or call (406) 848-2380, and we'll be happy to help you get started!

Non-Profit Discount

We are proud to support the efforts being performed by non-profit organizations. To show our support, we offer a 10% discount** on Highlighted Jobs and Help Wanted Now Ads for any 501(c)(3) Organization that posts their opportunities on CoolWorks. To qualify for the discount, send your IRS issued Exempt Organization Affirmation Letter to, and we will apply the discount to all future listings.

**This discount does not apply to Enhanced Employer Profiles, Featured Listings/Profiles, or Staffing Center subscriptions. This discount can not be combined with other offers, such as package discounts, promotional discounts, or ACH / Net 10 / Net 15 discounts.

Enhanced Profile

It’s not just another ad - it’s the full monty! Advertise all of your available positions, paint the picture of your employee’s experience, communicate your company’s values and expectations, outline the high points of your ideal candidate and illuminate the uniqueness of your culture. The profile works wonders because it provides job seekers the ability to determine if they’ll be well suited to join your team. A good match leads to happy employers and employees. If you’ve got recruiting to do, this is your shiny storefront window to pull in those future all stars. Read more.


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Work Abroad

New York, GH, AR, CN, AU, AT, CR, CL, EC, ES, FR, DE, GT, IN, IT, and more!

The Best Cultural Exchange Programs!

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Featured Listings

A Featured Listing puts your Employer Profile, Highlighted Job, or Help Wanted Ad front and center capturing more attention and boosting your traffic.

  • An enhanced and prominent visual ad that includes your logo, a photo and promo copy
  • Increases traffic and response to your Employer Profile or job ads
  • Prime placement on the CoolWorks home page and at the top of all applicable category, job type, and search result pages
  • Runs for 7 days


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Staffing Center

There was a time that being a recruiter meant that you were perched in the center of towering stacks of paper, and required an array of post it tabs, highlighters, and some serious filing and organizational powers. Well no more! Have you ever wondered how much more time would I have to find that superstar applicant, if I weren’t battling this paper tiger obstacle course? Well say hello to your new best friend, the Staffing Center. Our web-based applicant tracking system is your solution for effortlessly managing your Employment Application and Screening Process.

Find out more about the staffing center and request a demo.

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Employer Resources

Tips to Help Increase Applicant Flow

For Employers

Your recruiting materials should describe your staffing needs, requirements, and expectations. Equally important, it should illustrate what the job seeker can expect from the experience. One of the top questions a job seeker has while reading your Profile is: What’s it like to work and live there?

Mobile Apps = More Applicants

For Employers

If you have an application that’s not mobile friendly, you stand to lose nearly HALF of potential CoolWorks applicants who are engaged and shopping your recruiting materials to employers who are providing them with a way to conveniently apply online.

Retention Starts With Motivation

For Employers

A recruiting strategy is necessary, a retention strategy is crucial. You’ve worked hard to get them there and it’s going to require some of the same to keep them there. The employees who are motivated, coached and mentored – are the ones who will be sitting at your desk someday. With any luck they’re the ones that will return as your department head managers and supervisors in future seasons.

Find more great tips in our Employer Resources section.

About CoolWorks

We’re a well-traveled team of seasonal work explorers. We’ve worked our way up the ladder from entry level front lines to upper management. We’ve been HR pros since 1995, and our experience has taught us that great places lead to great experiences. We love the opportunity to get to know about each new employer, your opportunities for our job seekers and hear about your Great Place. And if you’re a self-serve kinda person, not really into the talky-talky, just want to post your jobs and move on, we make that easy for you too. Read more.

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