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Many of us on the Cool Works team have experienced seasonal work from both sides, as employees and employers.  We’ve gathered these resources to help you find, encourage, and train staff; find a gig that’s right for you; connect with your tribe from Millennials to Older and Bolder, or simply learn more about seasonal work in the United States. Have a topic suggestion? Please contact us!

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A New Era of Dynamism

For Employers

As we proceed into an era of increased dynamism, all companies have to continue to ask how they can remain competitive, and how they can respond to the ever-changing preferences of both their customers and their employees.

Tips for Older & Bolders on How to Use CoolWorks

Older and Bolder

You are approaching or nearing retirement. Or maybe you’ve already been through the vacation period of retirement, and now you’re feeling like getting back to doing “something”.  As Baby Boomers retire and lifespans increase, more and more people are looking for their second – or third – working opportunity.…