Oxbow Bend, Snake River

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The Featured Listing

We developed the Featured Listing to give you prime placement and a boost of traffic when you need it most. The Featured Listing is an add-on to a currently running Help Wanted or Highlighted Job ad or Enhanced Employer Profile that drives traffic and interest to your opportunities.


Featured Profile

Prime Location – Your Featured Listing provides a prime spot on the homepage, the what’s new page, and at the top of all applicable category, job type, and search result pages.

Enhanced Design – The Featured Listing lends some shiny sparkle to your existing ad or profile with a beautiful image, your logo, and a standout punchy headline – further differentiating your listing in search results.

Limited Inventory – Featured Listings consistently deliver strong traffic. In order to provide value and a power punch, they are quantity controlled. Reserve your spot!


The Featured Listing runs for 7 days and costs $169. 

Because of the controlled inventory, you’ll need a CoolWorks Rep to help you get your Featured Listing up and running.  To get one scheduled, drop an email to, let us know the ad or Profile that you’d like to feature, and we’ll get you on the calendar!