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The Places You Will Go… – March 12, 2017

Hello Friends,

Life is all about the experiences, and one that I’ll cherish forever happened recently. It wasn’t anything quite as adventurous as summiting a mountain or paddling 400 miles in a kayak on the Yellowstone River – both of which are pretty incredible, I can tell you. No, this moment was a “mom” moment, and it ranks among my favorites so far. My son can now call himself a reader, a title he earned by absolutely nailing every word of Dr. Seuss’ “Hop on Pop,” all by himself.

I remember my mother recalling how she taught me and my older brother to read when we were little, and that’s something I’ve envied ever since. I wasn’t sure I’d ever have the opportunity to do that for my own children, and I really wasn’t sure I had the patience to teach someone something so complex. But I’ve been trying over the last several months, and it’s finally coming together for him.

Kids will surprise you. They’re wicked smart and even when you’re sure they’re not paying attention, they’re still soaking it all in. Although teaching someone how to turn vowels and consonants into syllables, and then how to turn those syllables into words may not seem quite as epic as some of my more adventurous accomplishments, it was every bit as grandiose. I’m so excited about his future, and reading is just the beginning of a new world for him, one with endless possibilities. Oh, the places he will go…

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