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Spring Fever – March 26, 2017

Kelcy Fowler

Hello Friends,

Spring in the Mountains is a tricky time. There’s so much anticipation, eagerness, longer days, and green sprouts. There’s also a bit of pent-up-ness, a pinch of stifle and expectancy. The weather gets nice but not nice enough to get back to the joys of summer. Here in the Rockies, the trails are still snow packed even though you can’t wait to get out there for your first camping trip of the season. Late season storms make it feel like gardening season will never come.

Spring Fever always strikes me around this time of year. It gives me the excited bubbles of optimism, but with a tinge of frustration, some scratchy irritation, and itchy feet. I find myself trolling the web for weekend flights, researching getaway options that I know I won’t take – at an even higher rate than my normal travel obsessed quota. I feel confined and desperate to start new things, see new places, plant new seeds. Ultimately, it’s exciting, but it can be a bit maddening at the same time.

I think that it’s often something kin to spring fever that brings job seekers to CoolWorks. There’s the real world and traditional careers. Then there’s the promise of the open road and the potential for a new incredible place to call home each season. Living for now, living well, and living the dream by having the opportunity to live and work in places that most people spend their lives hoping they’ll have the chance to visit one day.

In our professional and personal journeys through life, we’ve found that living in a place that makes our hearts feel full is non-negotiable. The best job in the world won’t be the best for long if you’re leading your life in a place where your spirit isn’t happy. There’s a lot of weight and pressure around choosing the right career path, but life is really all about the moments, the people, the journey.

So, in suggesting how to choose the best career for you, we encourage you to throw out the typical concept of a career. We suggest you choose to live for what makes you happy – and just do that.

More than anything, we suggest that you give yourself a year, or two (or ten) to explore, experience, taste, smell, and imbibe life. Let those experiences, relationships and beautiful sunsets lay the road to your perfect career (if that’s what you’re after) or buck “career” and just enjoy the ride. It’s not just a coincidence that it’s worked for all of us at CoolWorks, and most of the people that we know. Trust yourself, and trust us when we tell you that one seasonal job in a beautiful place can lead you to a path you would have never dreamed of. Take a chance and follow your heart. Check out CoolWorks, and we’ll show you what we mean.

“Nobody puts Baby in the corner,” and you shouldn’t be in one either.

Don’t stay home and work at the fry shack this summer. Don’t settle for the annual family vacation to the beach.

Find a summer gig at a Lodge or Resort in an incredible location. New friends, adventure, stunning scenery, a paycheck- have the kind of summer job that movies are made of.



One thing that helps quell my Spring Fever is hearing from all of you and catching a glimpse into your adventures.

Drop us a line, tell us where you’re headed, and keep us posted on your spring & summer experiences with #CoolWorksJobs