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The Alchemy of Spring

Kathi Noaker

It’s officially spring now. I know if you live in some parts of the country it’s hard to tell! But indeed, the sun has crossed the equator and so the Vernal Equinox has happened.

Where I live here in southern Arizona, I am feeling and embracing it fully. Although occasionally our nighttime temps will dip into the 30’s, our days are mostly in the 70’s now. The leaves are filling out on our mighty Willow Cottonwoods along Sonoita Creek, the watercress is starting to grow, and the birds and those who watch them are flocking into our little town and environs.

This is a season change that always fills me with creative energy and excitement. When I sit still and breathe, I can feel that energy moving through my veins like the water that now starts to resurface and flow in our washes from it’s winter depths. It is most certainly a season when nature comes to life in all her glory.

Yesterday evening, as the sun set and the moon rose over Sonoita Creek, our group – The Women’s Alchemy Guild – joined together to take part in a water blessing ceremony; one that we do on each equinox and solstice. We had the good fortune of having with us this time someone who has done water walks with Josephine Mandamin, an Ojibwe grandmother, known as the Water Walker. She has traversed over 10,900 miles around each of the Great Lakes blessing the waters as she goes. As part of our ceremony, she sang a traditional Nibi water blessing song as we stood in the moonlight by the banks of the creek. The melody joining with the flow and murmur of the creek was compelling.

What will you do to celebrate and embrace this season of rebirth and awakening?


Be one with the water spirit this summer!

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A banner from Standing Rock that was gifted to us for our water ceremonies.