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Catching Waves

Kelcy Fowler

I’ve noticed that when something new sprouts in my life, a gear inside me snaps into motion, and all the sudden it feels a bit like I’m on the downward zip of a roller coaster rip current.  A new relationship, a new job in a great place, a new adventure be it personal or professional – a challenge. The wind of excitement and newness is in my hair and the anticipation of what’s just around that next turn can be all consuming.

I’ve always found it easy to stay in that swift curl – riding the coaster-rush of newness. I will admit that it’s the waves of my own visualization and creation, the ones that I see rolling in and can manage to catch and ride in elation that I enjoy most. Some of the waves that life throws at you when you don’t have your eye on them aren’t always as exciting. You know, those that you don’t see coming. The ones that knock you over, shoot salt water up your nose and rip your suit off of your body – those are no one’s faves.

But those fun waves that l somehow believe I have a hand in pulling into shore are part of why I’m forever plotting what’s next. A trip, a project, a practice – it’s joyous for me to visualize what’s floating out there beyond that veil – in the mist between what is and what can be. It’s getting around my own blindsides that can make the waves seem daunting.  Getting around my own deep-rooted fears that I’m not enough – smart enough, ambitious, capable, deserving, or good enough to pull something off gives me pause as I contemplate the next life wave I want to try and catch. But setting out in spite of that changes things to the point where even the failures bring a sense of satisfaction and a desire to keep chasing. Once we learn how to ignore our insecurities and just go for it, it becomes easier to keep chasing waves.

Our lives are all full of successes and failures, perfect timing, failed attempts, and missed opportunities, and sometimes I wonder if life isn’t a more complicated version of floating in the surf searching for and manifesting that next great wave.

If you’re ready for something different, want to try something new, or bring something into being but you’re scared – please know that you have a fan right here. I’m in your corner and I believe in you. That perfect wave is right out there waiting for you and it’s damn worth it to take a shot.

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