Crested Butte Wildflowers

Crested Butte, Colorado

There’s no better feeling in the world than having a CoolWorker or CoolEmployer share their story with us. We’re honored to share some of them with you. We hope your adventures are many, and your experiences magical. Many thanks to all for taking a step to keep us inspired, and to inspire others to reach for the CoolWorks’ lifestyle.

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“And as I always do, whenever I meet someone who isn’t sure of what to do in their life, can’t find a purpose, etc… I always write down the CoolWorks website and share with them the joy that I had when I came across your site. What you guys offer people like me, is the chance to fulfill a dream or just find opportunities that one never knew existed.

Thank you again so much!”


“S/O to @coolworks for just being awesome so that seasonal job experts like myself can work in amazing places.”

Craig G. CoolWorker and Ski Bum

“I worked at Yellowstone National Park a few summers ago. I put all of my stuff into storage and just went for it! To this day, it is still one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I got to know the park so well and am still friends with the people I met there.”

Dani CoolWorker from New York

“Dear Mom and Dad – go ahead and open my mail, because I’m never coming back.”

Michael CoolWorker, who also became an Employer, currently in Nevada

“I think you should change the name to SuperFreakinAwesomeWorks.com, but that’s just my opinion :)”

Lindsey CoolWorker and CoolWorks Street Teamer, Western Washington University

“Great staff as always, thanks in large part to the flood of applicants from CoolWorks. Thanks again!”

Mountain Sky Guest Ranch Employer, Paradise Valley, Montana