Crested Butte Wildflowers

Crested Butte, Colorado

There’s no better feeling in the world than having a CoolWorker or CoolEmployer share their story with us. We’re honored to share some of them with you. We hope your adventures are many, and your experiences magical. Many thanks to all for taking a step to keep us inspired, and to inspire others to reach for the CoolWorks’ lifestyle.

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“We are 100% happy with the number and quality of candidates that came to us through your website.  Mainly, it is super helpful to have applications from folks that understand the nature of seasonal employment.”

The Club at Point O’Woods Employer, Point O'Woods, New York
CoolworksI I love you – I STILL talk about your awesomeness every tour!!!  You are simply INSPIRATIONAL.  Guests are so curious how someone gets into this great life and YOU are the first thing I tell them about!
Sherri Tour Guide/Driver in Denali
Seasonal work completely changed my life! If it weren’t for one summer job as a wrangler in Colorado, I would have headed to the big city and missed the chance to start a career I love in an unexpected and completely amazing place! Who knew you could start a PR firm in Montana?
Courtenay S. Cool Works' Fan and Seasonal Job Alumni
I wanted to let you know that through CoolWorks, Alaska Geographic hired four absolutely fantastic people to fill our seasonal operations in Juneau, Homer, Seward, and Portage Valley.I received applications from around 30 people, and of those, 15 were eminently qualified for the work we were offering, and were true believers in our mission to connect people to Alaska’s public lands.We feel that our new seasonal line-up is the best we have ever entered a season with and it’s because of CoolWorks’ ability to attract exactly the type of candidate that will be successful with Alaska Geographic. It’s also because you went out of your way to upload photos for me, so that I could write the most appealing ad possible. I want you to know how much we appreciate what you do! It is making a positive difference in our success.
Barbara Bell Executive Director, Alaska Geographic