Oxbow Bend, Snake River

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Thoughts on Camp

If there is any desire to work with children in your heart, then don’t pass up the opportunity to go to CAMP. Why camp? Well, first off, there are so many different camps during the summer that one of them is bound to fit your interests. There are camps for sports, music, backpacking, special needs, space, just about anything you could think of. I’ve spent two summers counseling at camp, and I’ve enjoyed it so much and learned a ton. Sure, there are difficult moments when you are worn out, stressed, and grasping at straws trying to figure out how to handle the chaos. But just the magic of being at camp makes it worth the craziness.


Camp is full of unique, exciting, and fulfilling moments. Moments of achievement because you lead a successful activity everyone enjoyed. Moments that you laugh with your co-workers over the eccentric campers. Moments where you witness a camper become a stronger, more confident young person through challenges, like conquering a rock wall. Moments when you realize you get paid to have fun, hike mountains, play games, or tie-dye. Moments you save money because there is nowhere to spend it unless you go on an epic day-off excursion, plan an after-camp road trip, or buy some sweet camp swag. Moments where you really connect with someone and become life-long friends. Moments when a camper or parent comes up to you to talk about the impact you made on their life. Moments when you get to travel, to camp or with camp, and the new sights you get to see and the new cultures you become aware of. Moments where the stars are brighter than the flashlights.


A summer at camp gave me a chance to act like a kid and get paid for it! I learned new games to play, ways to handle difficult situations, how to work better with others, and gain confidence in making decisions and leading. The focus is on the campers, but while doing your job, you realize how much camp completes you. You gain a community of like-minded individuals who like having fun and laughing in their everyday lives. You are fed and all your needs are taken care of. You are active, outside, and have opportunities to learn new skills like belaying, lifeguarding, or ceramics.

Don’t just sit at home this summer! Look for a camp that interests you, and get ready for a summer of significance!


Kayla is a mountain man, beach bum, prairie princess, and desert darling all in one. She can never stay in one spot for very long. Always on the lookout for the best cup of coffee, donut, pizza, ice cream, sunset, and stargazing. Food is 40% of why she travels. She’s had many experiences from laying in a tomb in the bottom of a pyramid in Egypt, swimming with river dolphins on the amazon, smelling whale burps, and climbing state high points. Her passion is to hang out with kids as often as possible and to make people laugh as much as possible. She currently splits her time between teaching during the school year and epic adventures during her summer breaks.