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CoolWorks: The Original Home of Jobs in Great Places®

Matt Moore

If you’re visiting CoolWorks for the first time, you might be wondering what we’re all about. CoolWorks was launched in 1995 from the Tower Ranger Station in Yellowstone National Park with a simple mission: Help job seekers from all over the country find life-changing opportunities in Great Places. Since the time of our launch, we’ve stuck to that simple mission, and through our dedication to that guiding principle, we’ve been the go-to starting point for job seekers in search of a unique job opportunity in an amazing place for 25 years.


We’re a small team of 5 individuals who are passionate about life-changing job opportunities in Great Places. Many of us worked seasonal jobs that led to careers in National Parks, recruiting, HR, and hospitality, and now have dedicated our lives to helping others find those same opportunities. We know that recruiting is challenging and that you may be forced to wear lots of hats, so we strive to provide resources to guide you to a successful recruiting season. We even put on an annual conference – the Seasonal Human Resource Association Conference – to specifically help seasonal employers address their unique challenges.

To help you get the most out of your recruiting dollars, we’ve designed our site to maximize engagement with job seekers, and we proofread every listing you post on our site, offering feedback, suggestions, and tips to help you get the most out of your listing. If we see something that our experience suggests will help you get more out of your listing, you’ll hear from us! We have loads of experience with seasonal recruiting, and we want to share it with you to help you meet and hire great employees.


Because of our long-standing reputation as a one-stop shop for Jobs in Great Places®, we’ve cultivated a reputation – and earned high search result rankings –  for opportunities in destination locations, such as national parks, ski resorts, guest ranches, summer camps, and more. A few members of our team even started their careers by finding jobs on CoolWorks. The Number One referral source for new employers signing up to use our site is their employees. Are you an employer in a Great Place? Check in with your staff and ask if they’ve ever heard of CoolWorks. Chances are, you’ve got a few people on your team right now that have been using CoolWorks for years. Over 1,200 unique employers used CoolWorks to fill their positions each year!


We review, vet, and approve (or deny) every registration on our site before allowing an organization to post in order to ensure that they are both in a location and provide the kind of jobs that our visitors are looking for. This benefits you in two important ways:

  1. Your opportunities will not be lost among millions of other job listings from all over the world, requiring job seekers to wade through pages of off-target content to, hopefully, find your listing.
  2. Applicants who apply through CoolWorks will be more on-target. They come to our site already looking for an adventure and an opportunity like yours. If we approve your registration and allow your company to post on our site, it’s because we believe you’ll be a good fit for our audience.

If you think we might be a fit for each other, and you’d like to start recruiting through CoolWorks, get started by registering for an Employer Account.