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Tips for Helping Your Application Stand Out

Kelcy Fowler

The next seasonal adventure is approaching. You’ve scouted out your favorite spots, found a few positions that you think might be up your alley, and you’re ready to start sending out applications. Before you click that “Submit” button, we’ve assembled a few helpful tips to give your application an extra boost.

When applying for a position with a seasonal operation, full-season availability (which means your dates available to work match the entire length of the company’s operating season) is a ginormous advantage. Don’t worry! There are plenty of great opportunities for you folks with limited availability. The more open you can be with your time and date range, the more diverse your possibilities will be.

Your previous work experience matching up with the required job skills of the position that you’re applying for is also a plus. However, there are countless entry-level opportunities in the seasonal world. A plethora of careers have come from folks that have never worked in such a setting simply showing up and being flexible and positive, and that first summer job leading towards domino rows of opportunities.

(Interesting fact – that’s actually how most of us here at CoolWorks got our starts, so we can assure you – show up with spark and stay positive, and you’re going to stand out!)

Careful attention to detail on the application and overall process is important! It speaks volumes (or not) when an applicant fully completes an application. That doesn’t just mean filling out all the questions, but attention to punctuation, grammar, and complete sentences are important. Remember, it’s an application, not a text to a friend. Give yourself a generous window and take your time to complete an application fully, and thoughtfully. The person who receives it on the other end will notice and appreciate you from the get-go. Also, don’t be afraid to let them see a little bit about who you are in your application. Recruiters want to hire folks that are a good fit for their jobs, and we all want to be surrounded by other interesting, kind and fun human beings. If you encounter a question or two that asks you to shed light on who you are outside of your work history, references, or qualifications – don’t be afraid to share and let that shine through!

Flexibility in Job Choices is also a big plus. It may have been one position in particular that drew you to choose to apply with a particular organization. Don’t let the possibility of your dream gig not being available cause you to pump the brakes on your new adventure. There are so many instances where what you had in mind didn’t work out, and it leads you to a whole other thing that becomes your thing. This is one of the coolest parts about seasonal work. If it’s three months, six months, or nine months – you’re not taking this job forever – so use that as an opportunity to really experience a wide range of whatever the universe brings your way!

Always put your best foot forward and keep your chin up. It may take a couple of tries to find the right fit. Believe in the process, and you and your perfect fit will find each other!