Crater Lake National Park



The road of life is full of ups, downs, and all-arounds. Most people tend to stick to the highway, flying past the exits, focused on getting quickly to the destination. And then there are those living the seasonal life. We tend to take the scenic route: enjoying the sights, meeting the locals, and embarking on adventures along the way.

The first time I got off the “I-90” was after college. I decided I wanted to see a little bit of the world I had spent so many years studying on maps and in books. So I packed up my car and headed out west for my first seasonal job in Jackson, Wyoming. That summer was full of unforgettable memories hiking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and traveling to places near (Yellowstone) and far (the Grand Canyon).

After that I was hooked. What other roads could I explore?

I started trekking off the beaten path, working and living in remote, wild places where nature rules. Places where it’s more common to see bear jams instead of traffic jams, alpenglow instead of iPad glow, and hear white crown sparrows instead of sirens.

I would meet people from all walks of life. Friends to hike with, paddle with, dance with, laugh with, cry with, dare with, and dream with. The work was ever changing and with each job I’d learn a new skill. I’d spend hours perfecting hospital corners, cutting carrots julienne, sharing the best spots with visitors, building trails, framing houses, and serving prime rib with a smile. And at the end of each day I’d always be thankful that the place most people call their vacation, I could call home.

And as the seasons began to change, it would be time to say goodbye. Time to pack up the car and hit the road once more, not knowing where it would lead. But following a seasonal path often means embracing that uncertainty. In the end it’s like the old saying “life is all about the journey, not the destination.”


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