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You never know where or how your dream job might materialize, but you’ll never find out if you don’t go looking. That sort of leap of faith is exactly how Brandon went from his 9 – 5 gig to traveling all over the world, from Montana to Nicaragua to finally finding that perfect fit dream job in Seward, Alaska.

When we think of what to do after graduation, we often think about working our way up the corporate ladder or how to have the perfect 9-5 and home life. I was definitely not that person. After growing up living and traveling around the world, I knew that the main thing I wanted to do was explore and see what else was out there. It didn’t help that I didn’t know where to begin and that I had no clue what to do, so I did what I thought was best, and that was to enter the corporate world and become the drone that I promised myself I would never be. After a few years working my tail off and saving little by little, I finally had a chance to quit and work some seasonal jobs all over from Big Sky, to Nicaragua, and although I loved it, I didn’t feel like I was growing, and that was something that I did want to continue to do.

Enter CoolWorks.

Less than 2 months ago, I was debating returning to a typical career so I could start doing more professionally when I decided to search the site and see exactly what was available out there that was more on the management side, but also offered the flexibility to both take time off, and help build a business up which I had always had fun doing. Honestly, I wasn’t too optimistic that dream job even existed but I knew I had to try.

Somehow that search lead me to Alaska and two different companies that were offering exactly what I was looking for, and within a week of applying, I had 2 interviews, and days after, had 2 offers.  Both offered amazing benefits and vacation time you could never find anywhere else (one even offered a language learning stipend! Where on earth does that happen??).

I ended up taking a job in Seward, Alaska. Although the company wasn’t even hiring for someone with my background, after speaking with them they created a position perfectly suited for me and my skills, and weeks later, I was on a plane from Orlando, FL, to a town with fewer people than my high school. I can honestly say it has been one AMAZING adventure since! One day I’m meeting with web designers rebuilding sites, and the next I’m in a hotel helping guests and implementing a new reservation system for all of our properties. Tomorrow I’ll be meeting with an engineer to discuss an adventure park we’re building, and sampling beer styles for a brewery we’re opening this summer!

When I tell my friends what I’m doing, they all laugh and say they’re not surprised I’m doing something like this, but do wonder where I found a company like mine. I tell them all the same thing: CoolWorks! I know some people like the typical low stress and fun seasonal jobs, but most don’t know that year-round and management-level opportunities are available for people like me who want the best of both worlds. Not only am I helping build and run a multi-facility corporation, but I’m also doing it in jeans and a t-shirt (well, jacket..its pretty chilly up here at the moment), and saving more money than I could have ever imagined and still with unparalleled vacation time. For those of you that don’t know dream jobs exist, take a second to see what’s out there – you never know what you’ll find!