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The Compass Blog is your guide to navigating the world of Jobs in Great Places®! We cover a wide range of topics relating to seasonal and outdoor jobs, including tips and how to's, travel ideas, personal finance advice, fun stories of history and personal experiences, and much more!

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Building Connection between Job Seekers and Employers

Having had 25 years of building relationships with the employers who use CoolWorks, as well as hosting an annual conference for seasonal HR folks, we’re in a unique position to be able to share with both sides of our community – the employers, and you, the job seekers.

The Seasonal World, the “Real World”, and Friendship

I was reading through a chat thread of seasonal workers the other day, and the theme was the difficulties adjusting to living and working in the ‘real world’ after living the seasonal lifestyle. One point that many agreed on was how much harder it is to make friends. This…

An Ode to Ice Cream in Great Places

There are so many things to love about the summer months. Long days, sunshine, Great Places, weekends. And – Ice Cream !!!! Remembering the sound of the neighborhood ice cream truck still makes me smile. At 4102 Monroe Street, we thought we hit the jackpot when buying a PushUp…


Recreate Responsibly is a coalition comprised of nonprofits, outdoor businesses, and land managers (CoolWorks is proud to be one of them) and was formed in May 2020 in order to develop and share best practices to protect each other and our natural landscapes.

New and Improved Job Map

Check out our new updated job map – each individual map pin opens up a pop-out showing the employer, their seasons, and links to their Profile and Job Listings.

The Fred Harvey Company: The Original Seasonal Jobs

Seasonal pilgrimage has roots going back over a century now. A notable group of early pioneers – some of the original “seasonal workers” – were leaving their homes and traveling across the county for seasonal jobs starting in 1880 for the Fred Harvey Company.