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Fun Facts – Acadia National Park

Kathi Noaker

Did you know?
Acadia National Park, located in the great state of Maine, is one of the top ten most visited National Parks in the US. While the two “Y” parks – Yellowstone and Yosemite – are often on people’s bucket lists, Acadia is also pretty awesome with incredible scenery, varied terrain, interesting history, and let’s face it, the ocean! 

We owe the creation of Acadia National Park to a guy named George Door. What started with a vacation with his parents at 15 in 1868 led him to acquire and preserve 6000 acres by 1913. He offered it to the federal government in 1916, and President Wilson announced the creation of Sieur de Monts National Monument. Door continued to acquire property, and then In 1919, President Wilson signed the act establishing Lafayette National Park, the first national park east of the Mississippi. And Door, rightly so, became the park’s first superintendent. Then, in 1929, the park name was changed to Acadia national park. So thank you, George!

Now that you know the when and how of Acadia National Park, here are 5 things to know about this ‘Crown Jewel of the North Atlantic Coast” that may bump it into your bucket list.

1. Are you an early morning person? Be one of the first people in the US to see sunrise.
Cadillac Mountain, located on Mount Desert Island in Acadia National Park, at an elevation of 1528 feet, is the tallest peak along the eastern coast of the US, and from October 7 – March 6 is the first place to see the sunrise in the US.

2. If you like water, Acadia is swimming in it!
Not only is Acadia surrounded by ocean, but on Mount Desert Island, the location of most of the park, there are 26 lakes and ponds. Echo Lake is the most popular fresh water lake for swimming, and Eagle Lake is the largest fresh water lake in the park.

3. Are you a fan of landscape diversity? Acadia’s got you covered!
The park includes an ocean shoreline, mountains – 26 of them, woodlands (the Schoodic Peninsula, located on the mainland, covers 2300 acres of wild forest set next to the crashing waves of Frenchman Bay), and lakes and ponds – see above – 26 of them!

4. Is hiking your thing? 
You’ll have plenty of choices and challenges on Acadia’s 120 miles of trails. And if you like to hike with your dog, you’re in luck! There are 100 miles of hiking trails and 45 miles of carriage roads in the park where pets are permitted – on a six feet leash, please.

5. Do you never go out for a walk without your binoculars and your phone’s bird app?
With 338 bird species, Acadia is considered one of the premier bird watching areas in the US. Maybe it’s time for the Big Year challenge?!

So if you’re ready for your Acadia summer work/life adventure, check out the Acadia National Park employers and see if there’s a fit for you!