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For All of Life’s Adventures

While I sit here in (very) dry Montana, enjoying a lovely fall day, I can’t help but think of all those facing the complete opposite “season” thanks to Florence. We’re sending much love your way.

I’ve been pondering the idea of “unique value proposition”. It’s a marketing term. It means – “what do you have to offer that’s different from the others?” Once you unearth it and name it, you can value it, shine it up, make it your own, sing it out.

At, this is what we encourage our employers to do. Competition is fierce for the “you” out there – the wild-eyed and curious, adventurous job and life seeker. The ONE thing that an employer owns is their unique value proposition. What sets them apart? Their location, their culture, their people, their history.

And so I say that to you. What is your own “unique value proposition?” What sets you apart? Taking time to figure this out will help you bring the best of who you are to the table, for all of life’s adventures.

Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution.  ~ Deepak Chopra

Hey YOU, the employee …. who are you? What’s your story? What life experiences do you have that you’ll pack in your bags? What skills, passion, knowledge, training, character traits come along for the ride when you go to work?

Hey YOU, the hiker … who are you? When you set foot on the trail, do you charge ahead, map in hand (or, not) and lead the way with curiosity and enthusiasm, with the wind – and not your buddy’s pack and backside – in your face? Do you hover in the middle of your pals, darting in and out of conversation, focusing on the journey more than the destination? Do you hang at the back, being the “sweep”, the caboose, the lingerer, knowing your pace, and at the same time, making sure no one is left behind?

Hey YOU, the human …. who are you? What’s your story?

Every day offers you the opportunity to explore who you are in this world. What makes you click, tick, and get ticked. What makes you shine, what makes you blush, and what makes fire come from your ears.

I’m six feet tall. And a woman. That offers me a pretty unique perspective on the world – literally and figuratively. I’m a creative being, way down to my core. I’m a visual thinker. A true blue. I love good writing and sappy, coming of age movies. I’m a foodie, and think most things in life can be called art. I’m happiest by the water (maybe because I’m a Pisces.) I ride with compassion and I love my people. I’m also a middle child. An oldest daughter. A sister. An aunt. A mom. And as of this year, a grand-mom. I travel. I wander. I get lost. I. Am. What. I. Am.

“Cherish forever what makes you unique”, says Bette Midler. I couldn’t agree more.

Check out “What’s New” to see all the great opportunities that have been posted most recently. Maybe you’ll see something that floats your boat. Or makes your eyes light up. Or that makes you think about your nephew who is a college freshman and heck, yes, one summer job could be just the ticket for him.

Take good care of you. Because there’s only one of you. And the world needs the one, and only, you.

At bottom every man knows well enough that he is a unique being, only once on this earth; and by no extraordinary chance will such a marvelously picturesque piece of diversity in unity as he is, ever be put together a second time.  ~ Friedrich Nietzsche