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Discovering the World’s First National Park

“The alpenglow is fading into earthy, murky gloom, but do not let your town habits draw you away to the hotel. Stay on this good fire-mountain and spend the night among the stars. Watch their glorious bloom until the dawn, and get one more baptism of light. Then, with freshheart, go down to your work, and whatever your fate, under whatever ignorance or knowledge you may afterward chance to suffer, you will remember these fine, wild views, and look back with joy to your wanderings in the blessed old Yellowstone Wonderland.”
John Muir, Our National Parks

Wonderland. The World’s First National Park. YNP. Jellystone. Yellowstone. For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People. The birthplace of CoolWorks. (Yes, really!)

No matter what you call it, Yellowstone National Park is undeniably intriguing. Fabulously fascinating. Unbelievably unique. 

You can’t really get enough of Yellowstone. Mostly because with its 2.2 million acres and miles and miles of trails and countless waterfalls, lakes, hot springs, geysers, wildlife, and wildflowers and so much more – one would need a couple of lifetimes to even begin to scratch the surface of this Great Place!

No matter why you’re drawn to want to know more about Yellowstone, chances are you’ll find that and so much more.

The park offers thousands of seasonal summer jobs; this offers you the opportunity to meet folks who may become your new best friend, or your traveling companion, or your spouse. (Check. Check. Check. Yes, really!) With all that going on, don’t be surprised to find that you might be the ONLY person on the boardwalk watching a midnight eruption of Old Faithful. Or the only person standing at a meadow watching a bull moose forage. Or thinking you’re the only person brave (or, crazy) enough to travel across the country to take a job where you might come face to face with a herd of bison on your way home from work.

Join the 50-Mile Hiking Club – feel like your college self again playing in the park’s intramural softball league – enter a photography competition – take a class on wildflowers – listen to interpretive or historical presentations – sit on a hillside and watch the shooting stars – find a new passion for white water rafting, kayaking or canoeing – push the limits of “all who wander are not lost”.

Yellowstone welcomes you! (And, PS – you’ll certainly never forget her.)

Featured Employers

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“Being able to call Wonderland home for 6 months is not something everyone gets to do.  I fell in love with the wildlife. Seeing a bison or getting caught in a bison jam never got old or common. Living there cleared my head and calmed my usually overactive mind. The campground staff that we were a part of evolved into a big family. There were campfires, laughs, and shared experiences that will forever bond us together. My partner and I and I hiked over 300 miles in the park. Almost every one of our days off we were out in the woods exploring.”  – Charlie

Check out Charlie’s story of a summer spent in Yellowstone

CoolWorks is excited to be a part of your adventures, past, present & future! Drop us a note if you have any questions or fond memories to share, or if there’s anything else we can do to help you in your seeking.