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5 Reasons to Spend a Summer at Camp

Trying to figure out how to spend your summer? Do you love the outdoors and kids? Ever thought of becoming a Camp Counselor? Here are five reasons why you should consider adding a Camp Job to your resume.

1. Personal Growth – It’s a demanding job that gives you an assortment of skillsets that can be applied to almost any other job you have in the future. You need to be aware of everything you say and do: learn how to give feedback that is helpful and not hurtful, help build confidence in others even when they make mistakes, and put others needs before your own. You will model how to be mature, accountable, decisive and ethical and in turn, develop these skills yourself.

2. Mother Nature – You get to be outside all summer. When some of your friends are stuck in a cubicle, you will be busy identifying bugs/footprints/plants or learning the basics of knot tying and simultaneously soaking up the sunshine. You have time to get in touch with the land; listen to the birds chirping, feel the wind rustling the leaves and smell the forest – while earning your paycheck.

3. Someone’s Superhero – You not only get to hone your own skills, you get to influence and impact the lives of the next generation. You have a role in helping young ones to become resilient, problem-solving, well-rounded individuals. Children look up to adults and being a mentor is today’s way of becoming someone’s real-life hero/heroine.

4. Unplugged – Trade in your screen-time for face-to-face interaction. Be busy creating lasting and meaningful relationships and you won’t have time to post or snap. Reduce stress and anxiety by letting go of the need to update your social media page and instead soak up the high-fives and hugs from your friends. Connect to people.

5. Funtastic – One of the few jobs out there that allows you to have fun and be a “kid” all over again, where you are encouraged to be uninhibited and spontaneous. A place where you can get dirty, swim, hike, fish, sing campfire songs and dance the “sillies” out. Having fun is a job requirement.

I wish I would’ve had the opportunity to be a camp counselor before going out into the big wide world full of advancing technology and a never-ending to-do list. It’s difficult to find the time to enjoy being outside and even harder to find time to just have fun with your friends. Adulthood is cumbersome. If I could’ve hung on to my youth a little while longer, I would’ve jumped at the chance. Plus, it would have been a great way to practice my parenting skills. I hope you all choose how to spend your next summer wisely – we only get so many of them!

“I went to camp expecting to make friends and ended up with family.” 

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“Working at Camp revealed my weaknesses to me more pointedly than I’d have cared for, but in the open, I am able to eradicate them. They have made me a little slower to speak, a little quicker to listen, a little more appreciative. I leave this year with more experience, love, and some of the best friends a man can ask for.”

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