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5 Reasons to Consider a Season in Alaska

As far as Great Places to visit in the United States, Alaska has to claim one of the top spots. With 586,000 square miles of total land and less than 750,000 in population, Alaska is one of the wildest swaths of land in the world, and it vastness beckons thousands of adventure-thirsty job seekers every year. It’s remoteness, proximity to the Arctic Circle, and vastness and diversity of its terrain seals its place as one of the most unique places you’ll ever visit. One summer or winter in Alaska wouldn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all this grand place has to offer, but here’s just a few of the many reasons to consider spending a season in Alaska.

Scenery on the Grandest Scale – think of any swath of nature, wilderness area, or National Park you’ve ever enjoyed – then think even bigger and bolder and more remote. Alaska’s stunning scenery is literally everywhere you turn. All ten of the US’s 10 highest peaks – including Denali, the grandest of them all – arise from Alaska’s expansive mountain ranges. The climate ranges from Arctic in the far north to coastal temperate rainforest along the southeast portion of Alaska’s 6,640 miles of coastline. With a state that’s 1/5th the size of the entire lower 48, you could spend a lifetime exploring its mountain ranges, rivers, seacoasts, trails and backcountry. 

The Land of the Midnight Sun and The Northern Lights – Ever wanted to experience 24 hours of daylight? Or full days of near-darkness with the Aurora Borealis lighting up the winter sky? Much of Alaska is bright from April to August, with the 24-hour sun at peak during Summer Solstice in June, and The Northern Lights are best seen during the darker winter months, so regardless of what time of year you plan on spending a season (or why not consider a full year?), you’ll get to experience at least one of these far-north phenomena unique to the 49th State.

Wildlife Wonderland – From the interior to the forests to the sea – there’s nowhere like Alaska to witness and experience majestic wild creatures. Brown bears, moose, Dall sheep, caribou, all species of salmon, eagles, Alaskan king crab, wolverine – the list goes on. If wildlife viewing and/or photography is a passion of yours, you’ll be hard pressed to find another place in North America where you can view such a wide array of species.

Opportunities for Resume Building. Ever thought you’d like to try your hand at being a zip line guide? Reindeer Handler? (Yes, really!) Get a CDL license? Perform as a historic reenactor? Work on a railroad? With the huge part that tourism plays in Alaska’s economy, there’s a ton of opportunity in the last frontier to get a foot in the door – and get trained up into a new field or position you’re interested in. Future employers will certainly be drawn to ask you about your job adventures in Alaska – and you’ll have great stories to share!

Alaskans – As a community, Alaskans are warm and welcoming, entrepreneurial, spirited, mentors, and natural explorers. The people you meet are always a big part of why seasonal jobs are so great, and we think you’ll learn and grow a lot after spending a season in Alaska. After one season, you might even decide to become an Alaskan yourself.