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Dream Job Alert: Live, Work, and Explore in the World's First National Park

At Yellowstone National Park Lodges, we work hard, share a passion for the environment, and create memorable experiences for our guests. We offer seasonal and year-round positions in guest services, housekeeping, food & beverage, and more. Wouldn’t you love to join the team and experience what many people describe as “the best job” of their life?

Yellowstone National Park is located in the northwest corner of Wyoming

About Yellowstone National Park Lodges

We have paused hiring for summer 2020. Thank you for your interest in Yellowstone jobs, and we look forward to discussing job opportunities soon!

You could live and work in Yellowstone National Park! As the primary concessionaire in Yellowstone we run 31 restaurants, 9 lodging facilities, and 5 campgrounds throughout the park (see map at right). We hire about 3,000 people each season, which runs from April until the end of October. When you work in 'Wonderland', your backyard is 2.2 million acres!

Yellowstone National Park Lodges is also part of the Xanterra Travel Collection family. We are a company based on values that reflect an environmental ethic and social conscience – for the long-term. “Our Softer Footprint” focuses on how we reduce our environmental impact through our comprehensive environmental initiatives. Our business practices exemplify environmental stewardship, and a desire to protect and preserve our public lands.

The Employee Experience

Living and working in Yellowstone is not for everyone but for those who seek a simpler way of life, Yellowstone can be the perfect landing spot. 

Live in Yellowstone! Each of our locations provides in-park housing ($45.74 per two-week pay period). Community living gives you the opportunity to develop close, lifelong friendships with people from across the United States and around the world. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided for one low-cost ($164.00 per two-week pay period).

Work for the primary concessionaire in Yellowstone. Learn new skills, develop a strong work ethic, and grow your career. If you decide you want to continue the seasonal lifestyle, we can help you advance in Yellowstone and the Xanterra Travel Collection family.

Explore 2.2 million acres! Your backyard will be filled with some of the greatest natural wonders in the world. No matter your interest or level or outdoor expertise/knowledge, there is something for everyone here and we’ll help connect you with the many ways you can discover Yellowstone!

Ideal Candidate

Our most successful team members have several things in common:

  • An adventurous nature
    • One of the bragging rights of working in a National Park is you get to say “I live where you vacation!” Through your many adventures, you’ll develop pride in being an ambassador of Yellowstone.
  • A desire for community
    • You’ll find a sense of belonging living in a community and make lifelong friendships. Your friends, co-workers, and neighbors come from diverse backgrounds and cultures.  Be prepared to have a roommate in a dorm and eat in a cafeteria-style setting. 
  • A strong work ethic
    • From Memorial Day through Labor Day, the number of visitors and tour groups increases dramatically. Be ready to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • A positive, contagious attitude
    • Prior experience is not the most important thing and most entry-level positions do not need prior experience. Rather, we are looking for people with outstanding customer service skills and an adventurous spirit.
  • Able to embrace life without constant phone and internet connectivity
    • Access to the internet is extremely slow due to limited bandwidth

Does this sound like you? 

Room and Board

Not only can you work at the World’s First National Park, but you can live here as well!

  • Housing
    • Each housing option varies across locations, some are new, others historic. The most common option is a dorm.
    • Limited housing for married couples is available
    • Limited RV spaces are available
  • Meals
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all-you-can-eat
    • A 30-day menu cycle provides a wide variety of well-balanced meals, including vegetarian options and a full salad bar
    • Meals are eaten in the Employee Dining Room (no kitchens are available in the dorms)

Payment for housing and meals is a payroll deduction from bi-weekly paychecks. This low-cost deduction covers meals, your dorm room and all associated utilities (including limited Wi-Fi) and the cost of using our in-house laundry facilities. 

Employee Perks

In Yellowstone, the options for spending money are few and the options for exploration are limitless. We encourage team members to experience all that Yellowstone has to offer:

  • Fresh air, breathtaking views, and clear night skies
  • World-class wildlife viewing of bison, elk, moose, wolves, bears, and more
  • Approximately 500 Geysers (the largest concentration in the world)
  • Hot Springs, including Grand Prismatic, the third largest in the world
  • Working and living with people of all ages, from all over the country and world
  • Employee discounts in Yellowstone and local gateway communities
  • Access to maintained campgrounds and backcountry campsites inside and around the park
  • Over 1,000 miles of hiking trails inside the park itself
  • Free employee recreation program that offers intramural sports teams, games, trips, gear rental, and more
  • A fast-paced, exciting work environment with plenty of upward mobility and growth opportunities
  • Living in our nation’s first National Park

Getting Here and Getting Around

For employees arriving via bus or plane, we offer transportation from Bozeman, Montana. Our bus service picks you up and brings you right to Yellowstone for check-in day in Gardiner, MT and again at the end of your agreement. Once at your new home, housing, meals, recreation halls, and your workplace are all located within walking distance. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from Bozeman, MT. A personal vehicle is not necessary, though is helpful to access the Park and surrounding areas during your off time.

For Fun

A job in Yellowstone is special partly because of the lifestyle it provides. Our employees have opportunities to hike, bike, climb, camp, and explore 2.2 million acres in the world’s first national park. Millions of people travel here from all over the world. Most visitors just get to spend a few days here. Come work with us and you’ll get to spend months here.

The Yellowstone Co-Op Employee Recreation Program (YCERP) is the largest and most diverse employee recreation program in any national park. We aim to keep you as busy as you'd like. Hiking, biking, fishing, photography, camping, wildlife watching, taking in an educational program, joining in a film series, sports competitions, talent shows and more ...... it's a non-stop adventure in Yellowstone!

The park is rustic and remote. Because of that, we have fewer of the conveniences you may be used to. The closest “large” cities are two or more hours away and include Cody or Jackson Wyoming, Livingston, Bozeman or Red Lodge Montana or Idaho Falls, Idaho.

How to Apply

Are you ready to live, work, and explore in Yellowstone!? For more information and to answer any other questions, visit our website or contact us.

If you’re ready to apply now, click here to fill out an application!

Additional info for international applicants

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