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The Great CAR Crash of 2021

For Employers

If you follow this newsletter or our Employer Resources with any regularity, you may have noticed some recurring themes over the last few months: a) big changes are happening in the world of the hospitality and tourism industries in the wake of the pandemic, and b) history indicates that,…

2021 Summer Recruiting Roundup

For Employers

Earlier this year, we published our 2021 Staffing and Recruiting Outlook. In looking ahead to try and predict what the hiring landscape would look like back in January, we predicted that this would be a tough year to hire, due to: a) the effects of ongoing fiscal stimulus and b)…

The Importance of Transparency

For Employers

The trials and errors of life teach us that things generally turn out better when we have more knowledge, interact with honest communication, and are overall better prepared for whatever we’re going into. Be that a relationship, an adventure, or an investment (which for job seekers, accepting one of…

2021 Staffing and Recruiting Outlook

For Employers

The 2021 summer hiring season is in full swing, and it’s safe to say that this is one of the most challenging and uncertain times in decades to be planning and staffing for a recreation, tourism, and hospitality business. Check out our guide 2021 Staffing and Recruiting Outlook.