Oxbow Bend, Snake River

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Take Your Life Journey in New Directions

You’ve had a great career, or two, or three. What’s next now that you have the time and space in your life you didn’t have before? Wanderlust to discover and explore new places you’ve always wanted to experience, or maybe rediscover places you loved and always wanted to return to?  And this time around you have just that, more time! 

Congratulations! You’ve already traveled to – that’s a terrific step in your journey. Jobs In Great Places. Insert yourself here.

Be Inspired By New Destinations

“I choose a place to visit, and I take photos and start collecting information about it,” the mystery writer Phyllis A. Whitney said of her technique. “I stay there until I get the emotional tug of the place.” You don’t have to be a mystery writer to understand “the emotional tug of a place.” A one or two-week vacation during your working years was only enough time to unwind from the daily responsibilities of keeping your life on track.

A seasonal job gives you the opportunity to sink into your surroundings for a while. Let your summer take you up close and personal with a historic sea-captain mansion, lighthouse, or misty mornings on the cliffs high above the ocean in Maine. Or maybe the hiking trails, wildlife, mountain peaks and crystal clear lakes of Glacier National Park are where your compass is pointing.

Whatever landscape you’ve always been drawn to explore, plan a working seasonal adventure in a new State.

Revisit Old Favorites
You visited Yellowstone National Park on a family vacation with the kids years ago, and although a memorable family vacation, there were things you wanted to see and do that you couldn’t do with the kids. Later you followed the 1988 “Summer of Fire” on the national news and could hardly fathom how 800,000 acres of Wonderland were impacted. And now, you imagine yourself with a whole summer to see how Yellowstone has changed, and how it’s remained the same. And perhaps to see how you’ve changed and remained the same with Yellowstone as your backdrop.  Find the job that’s a good fit, and then create the summer of your dreams. Prepare to meet people like yourself and people unlike any others. There are so many different options waiting for you here – check out Yellowstone Jobs!
Don’t Let Your “Things” Hamper Your Experience
If your “stuff” and a house that needs constant attention is holding you back – don’t lose heart! Plenty of solutions are out there! Consider downsizing, rightsizing, transitioning, or taking baby steps to move in a different direction. Maybe you already own an RV or motorhome to use for long weekend getaways and slumber parties with your grandkids. Guess what? Seasonal employers are looking for you! Employee RV parks and full-hookup spots are options in many Great Places. If you love mingling with others who are explorers, consider a Campground Host position.
Use Your Encore Career as an Opportunity to Serve
Does this quote sound like you? “YOU – feel fulfilled if your work inspires someone to care about the national parks enough to make stewardship and appreciation a regular part of their life.” -Sequoia Parks Conservancy recruiting statement. Any of the many National Park Partners or other non-profit organizations would love to speak with you. Learn about these and other great opportunities to serve through Non-Profit Jobs.
There’s no time like the present. You might be surprised to learn that 30% of the job seekers who use CoolWorks are ages 50+. These Jobs in Great Places aren’t just for college students. If you feel the pull of a new journey calling to you, we encourage you to follow your heart!