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The Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Jobs Ebook

Kelcy Fowler

Something wonderful about the sliding door moments that seasonal jobs can represent is that it’s irrelevant whether it’s in your 20’s, your 40’s, or your 60’s that you discover the seasonal lifestyle. These opportunities and adventures are valuable, enriching and accessible to people at any stage in life.

CoolWorks is proud to have partnered with seasonal adventurer turned blogger turned freelance writer Susan Shain to create The Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Jobs!

Maybe you’ve always wanted to take the plunge and work a seasonal job. Maybe you have friends or family or coworkers that yearn for something different and have a taste for adventure. Maybe you’re an experienced Seasonal Explorer that has been on many great journeys and continues to stretch and look for more ways to challenge yourself, travel, and grow. Regardless of your level of interest or experience, this guide is packed with helpful information for beginners and professionals alike!

“Seasonal jobs undoubtedly changed my trajectory. They showed me that I didn’t have to get a conventional job just because that’s what everyone else was doing. Through seasonal jobs, I developed an obsession with the great outdoors, learned to travel on a budget, and met incredible people who taught me to dream bigger. Not to mention, the only reason I started writing is that I was doing something worth writing about!”  – Susan Shain

“The Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Jobs is both interesting and extremely thorough, and walks you through everything you need to know about seasonal jobs, from housing to budgeting to ideas on which seasonal jobs to pursue.” – Ashley Fleckenstein of

We know there are a lot of questions that come along with contemplating a seasonal work opportunity, so we are excited to present this 80 page guide and 10 page workbook to be your trusty companion in helping you chart your next great adventure. The Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Jobs has the all the answers you need to confidently discover, apply for, land and thrive at seasonal jobs!