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Seasonal Job Housing: Home Sweet Home Away From Home

When considering a Job in A Great Place, you’ll have Housing In A Great Place to consider as well. Many employers offering seasonal jobs will provide housing for staff members on-site or nearby the worksite. Employers often operate in remote or destination locations where housing is either difficult to find or just isn’t possible.

While you are doing your research, keep an eye out for staff housing details. This information is often found in the ROOM AND BOARD section of an Employer Profile on, or if you are looking at a Help Wanted or Highlighted Job listing, you might have to look for a specific housing notation. We highly encourage employers to give housing details because we know you want to know! The SCOOP section gives very basic information about housing, but chances are, once you key in on an employer that catches your attention, you may want to dig in for more details. This helps keep your expectations realistic and your enthusiasm growing!

Here’s a smattering of what you’ll find when researching seasonal job housing details:

“There is a semi-private staff building that has 14 individual rooms with queen beds and 3/4 size refrigerator. In this same building there are 6 private bathrooms, 2 large common areas with wifi, satellite TV and DVD players, laundry facilities, and a large connecting kitchen.”

“On a first-come, first-serve basis, we have local motel rooms for rent. Shared and single rooms available. The rooms are right in the heart of downtown. Included in the rooms are a mini-fridge, mini cooking area, fresh sheets, laundry, wifi, and parking.”

“Room & board is provided. Three meals a day and dormitory living. Most are single rooms.”

“Housing is available for full-time staff, with a private room shared bathroom. This is part of the employees’ compensation package.”

“Affordable employee housing is available on a limited, first-come, first-serve basis. This is dormitory or apartment-style housing. There are also condos and home rentals within the area.”

“There is a flat daily rate deducted from each paycheck if you choose to stay in company housing. The rate covers the monthly rent, electricity, trash, water/sewer, and satellite TV. This is about 50% less expensive than if you were to try and find housing on your own. Please note: there are multiple individuals in each residence, and everyone has a roommate.”

“We provide affordable and convenient housing for seasonal employees starting at $125 a week! All apartments are within 1 – 2 miles from the restaurant and you can easily bike to work.”

So you can see, seasonal job housing accommodations can vary widely!

Take note that some employers can offer a detailed description of their staff housing units – maybe it’s a small operation and housing is limited to a building or two. However, some of the larger employers, with hundreds or thousands of employees, most likely have a wide array of housing units that have been developed throughout many years. You might find a brand new structure with “modern conveniences”, but you might also find charming, rustic log cabins, or canvas wall tents, or dorms that have shared rooms with bathrooms down the hall. And, with these larger employers (like in National Parks), all of these options might co-exist in one place!

Part of the “adventurous” spirit that draws you to these seasonal jobs can also come in very handy when you arrive at your Great Place and are handed your room key and a map to your Home Away From Home. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep the big picture in mind and know that your time will be spent at work and out exploring the Great Place you’ve chosen with a whole bunch of fabulous new friends.

Welcome home!