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Remote Learning & Career Development Opportunities

One great benefit of the internet and our world of increasing connectivity is the ability to access university courses as well as high-quality, self-paced, remote learning opportunities.

Whether it’s due to a Gap Year, a break between seasonal jobs, a summer at home between semesters, retirement, or even a shelter-in-place order due to a global pandemic like COVID-19, sometimes we find ourselves staying put in one place with extra time on our hands. And – with most colleges and universities offering remote/online classes, you might even be able to earn credits while you are employed in a Great Place!

Learn a new creative skill, like photography, music production, or graphic design, or build your resume with online courses and degrees in business skills like marketing, web development, or hospitality management.

We’ve gathered a collection of online learning and career development resources to help you achieve your goals and get the most of your downtime.

Food and Beverage

ServSafe – If you’re currently working in the foodservice industry or hoping to get started, ServSafe provides industry standards and certifications in the safe handling of food. Many employers require their F&B staff to attain ServSafe certification. (During COVID-19, the ServSafe Food Handler remote learning course and exam are available for free.)

BarSmarts – Bar Smarts offers two remote learning courses, BarStarts and BarSmarts ($29/ea) that offer introductory and advanced material for beginners and experts alike, covering topics from production methods, service, bartending fundamentals, bar management, tasting, mixing, and more. A great resource if you’re hoping to develop or improve your bartending knowledge.

Rouxbe – Rouxbe offers a wide variety of online culinary classes, with monthly subscription plans that allow you to access their full course and recipe library for $9.99 month, as well as immersive 6-month professional cook certification courses starting at $799.99.


American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) – The AHLEI provides training, education, and certifications for all segments of hospitality (housekeeping, front office, finance, risk management, food and beverage, etc.). Even if you only have entry-level experience, the AHLEI offers a wide-range of learning opportunities to help you advance your career in whatever branch of hospitality most interests you. (During COVID-19, the AHLEI is offering a variety of free courses that can be accessed here.)

Business, Professional and Creative Education

Coursera – Coursera offers an extremely wide range of remote learning coursework such as Art & Humanities, Data Science, Business, Software Development, and Language Learning. Many of the courses are developed by colleges and universities, giving students access to higher-level education coursework without the high cost of college. If you’re wanting to expand you skill set for personal and career development, Coursera offers some really affordable avenues to attain those goals.

Udemy – Udemy also offers a large variety of coursework for developing professional, creative, and personal skills. Pricing is charged per class, and you retain permanent access, so you have the option to pick a class and really focus on it and come back to it whenever you want, as opposed to purchasing a subscription and having month-to-month access to the entire catalog, which has its benefits, but can be a little overwhelming.

Khan Academy – Khan Academy offers a large library of free educational resources. Their mission is to provide a “free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” The curriculum available is closely oriented with middle school, high school, and early college coursework, so you can access free courses on math, science & engineering, arts & humanities, computing, economics & finance, and more.

Technology – ever wish you had time to learn PhotoShop, Illustrator, Canva or add another techno feather to your cap? Now would be a great time to pace yourself and dig in!

Language Learning

DuoLingo – DuoLingo offers free remote language learning in 35 different languages through their website and app. The platform implements gamification to create a really engaging and effective learning process through personalized lessons, rewards, and immediate feedback on your progress. They offer a really fun and effective way to pick up a new language.

Babbel – Babbel is a language website and app that focuses on students being able to have practical, everyday conversations as quickly as possible. They offer short lessons (10-15 minutes) with ongoing reviews and tips to help students start having real-life conversations and build their skills through daily learning. Subscriptions start at $12.95/mo, and cheaper options are available if you purchase longer terms (i.e. pay for 3, 6, or 12 months upfront).

We hope this resource helps you find new skills and knowledge!