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Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

How to Work in Retirement and Still Have Fun!

Sure, working in your retirement years can help you delay tapping into your savings, but many retired-aged folks choose to work in destination locations as a way to travel, meet people, have fun and gain new experiences!

Roughly 20% of the job seekers on fall into the retirement age bracket, and whether they’re looking for a fun way to see new places and do something different for just one season, or they are pursuing a DIY encore career quilted together by various seasonal jobs in different states, national parks or industries, one of the most important things you should realize from the start is that you are not alone! There is a vibrant community of job seekers in their second half of life that seek out and enjoy seasonal jobs! Not only are there people like you out there working seasonal jobs, but people in their second half of life are popular candidates amongst seasonal employers and recruiters for their maturity and life experience.

Here are a few of our favorite reasons to consider exploring seasonal jobs:

  1. Live, work and play in a new and unique setting that many people spend years saving up to visit for a short time.
  2. Meet new people and make new friends from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and generations.
  3. Earn money and leave your savings intact. CoolWorkers with dedication and a commitment to saving have actually been able to save significantly or pay off debt as a result of the reduced cost of living that comes along with seasonal work. Seasonal work commonly entails living on site: it’s hard to overstate the savings that result from eliminating a commute to and from the workplace. There are also reduced costs of living as employers often provide room and board (or RV sites) at an affordable rate.
  4. Whether it’s learning the flora and fauna, discovering the history of the National Park you call home, or learning how to work at the front desk of a resort – there are endless opportunities to learn something new!
  5. Extended commitments not required. Since seasonal work allows you to relocate to a beautiful place for just a season – you can leave when the snow blows in!
  6. Travel and experience incredible places from the perspective of a local, not just a tourist!
  7. Room and Board/RV Sites: Many seasonal employers offer employee housing and/or RV Sites and have employee dining rooms on the property whose purpose is to feed the staff. Some of them will even pack you a sack lunch to take exploring on your days off. Imagine not having to cook a meal or wash a dish for six months!
  8. Stay active and enjoy a physical and healthy lifestyle in a place where you’re surrounded by opportunities to recreate in the great outdoors.

Are you interested in learning more, and soaking in more detail about the opportunities you can find on to see if they appeal to you? Will the jobs be something you are interested in, will the schedule be to your liking, and what about employee housing? Join us for a convo about all of the above – check out this podcast interview with the wonderful folks from the Rock Your Retirement Podcast!