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How to find and apply for jobs during COVID

As the world continues to navigate the Covid-19 crisis, we’re beginning to see some rays of hope as states slowly begin to reopen, positive trials for treatments and vaccines begin to emerge, and businesses are beginning to get an idea if and how they’ll be able to operate in the months ahead. As things begin to slowly normalize, the million-dollar question on a lot of job-seekers minds is: What’s going on with Jobs in Great Places® in 2020?

Here at CoolWorks, we’ve spent the last several months touching base with employers, hosting webinars to help them share and learn from each other, and helping them communicate their plans with job seekers. Our outreach has been incredibly beneficial in gathering information to help all of you CoolWorks job seekers approach this unprecedented season with confidence.

Many Employers Are Operating in 2020/2021 with operational changes

In our webinar series this spring, we asked the employers in attendance if they would be opening their doors for the 2020 season. In their responses, 71% stated that they would be operating, 25% said they still weren’t sure, and the remaining 4% confirmed they would not be operating in summer 2020. A large number of CoolWorks employers still plan to open their doors this year.

A lot of those employers will be operating at reduced capacity, and won’t be hiring as many staff as in normal seasons. However, 76% stated they were still actively hiring. So as you’re browsing the listings on CoolWorks, especially on the What’s New and Help Wanted pages, those are current and active listings for employers that are looking to hire right now! If you’re unsure from reading the listing whether or not the employer is currently hiring, reach out to the recruiting contact provided for the most up to date information.

Employers Are Prioritizing Employee and Guest Safety

Most employers we’ve spoken with, either through direct conversations or through our Webinar series, are making employee and guest safety a top priority in the season ahead, and are taking preventative measures to create a safe experience. Here are some of the measures being taken to ensure employee safety include the following:

Please note: Not every employer is implementing all of these safety measures, but these are some of the steps that companies are taking in order to open for the season while striving to provide a safe environment. 

  • Employee Housing – Single occupancy housing (no shared rooms), extensive cleaning procedures for shared bathrooms and common areas, mandatory quarantine periods upon arrival
  • Employee Dining – Mealtime social distancing, grab and go meal options, no self-service/buffet options
  • On the Job – Limited operations to reduce guest interactions, traffic monitoring/occupancy limitations to encourage social distancing in public areas, greater availability to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), response plans for isolation and transport for employees and guests who exhibit systems

For more information on safety measures, be sure to read carefully as you’re browsing job opportunities and ask lots of questions during the interview process to make sure that all of your concerns are addressed.

Additional CoolWorks Resources

Since early April, we’ve been calling and checking in with all the employers who have active Profiles on our site to gather as much information as we can about what’s happening at their properties now and what plans they have for their 2020 jobs. We have been recommending that they use the word COVID so when you do a search for COVID, it will pull up all the Profiles and ads with this updated information.

  • You can skip right to those search results here: CoolWorks Tip: You can set up a saved search for the keyword Covid and then manage your email notification preferences to receive an email update anytime an employer adds either of those words to their listing.
  • Keep an eye on our Help Wanted page. Help Wanted ads run for one week, so any ads on that page have been very recently posted which means those employers are currently hiring.

These are challenging and unprecedented times. We hope for everyone to have a fun and safe experience. If you’re still thinking about a seasonal job adventure in 2020, go for it! Just make sure you do your homework, be patient with the employers you reach out to (these are uncharted waters for them, too), and ask lots of questions so that you’re comfortable and confident that you can safely pursue a new opportunity for yourself.