Oxbow Bend, Snake River

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Every picture tells a story, don’t it?

Kathi Noaker

Visuals are one of the most powerful tools available to you in marketing your JOBS IN GREAT PLACES® and we want to let you know about some new developments that is working on to help you showcase your greatest assets.


pablo__77_You know all the efforts that you go through to make your opportunities stand out and attract applicants? By leveraging social media you can let your “great place” do some of the leg work, and capture the interest and imagination of potential staff just by lookin’ good. Does your business have an Instagram account? If so, you could leverage the great photos you have (or can take on your lunch break) to give job seekers a visual preview of what life on your property could be like.

Tag CoolWorks in those photos with @coolworksjobs or #coolworksjobs and we’ll feature them to our Instagram, providing double exposure for your amazing property!

If you don’t have an Instagram account, we’ll be happy to feature your best snaps on the CoolWorks feed – providing you that additional exposure to build the buzz around your place. Free and easy buzz is some of the best.

To set a feature up, drop us a line at Please keep in mind that photos will need to be of an Instagram-able size and quality.

Model Releases – Best to Have Them

Keep in mind that you should have a model release on file for any photo with an identifiable person in it. You can find some info and resources on that here.

We know – printing out model releases and getting folks to sign them sounds like a bit of a pain. But a release can be short, sweet and to the point as this example illustrates. Some outfits ask staff to sign them along with regular check-in paperwork so that it’s on file and out of the way from the get go.

Great photos can help you capture the magic and fun of working a season at your great place, help you bring in more superstar applicants next year, and build your property’s culture content library. We suggest that it’s a worthy endeavor!