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Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act (EPEWA) – Job Posting Requirements

Matt Moore

In May 2019, the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act was signed into law in the State of Colorado, with an effective enforcement date of January 1, 2021. The bill aims to address wage disparities and, among other provisions, prohibits employers from asking employees to provide wage history and requires all salary and benefit information to be disclosed in job postings.

To help our Colorado employers comply with the requirements of the new law in their online job advertisements, we’ve included the text from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s Interpretive Notice & Formal Interpretation (INFO) #9 as it addresses electronic job postings:

Electronic Postings May Link Compensation and Benefit Information. In electronic postings (e.g., webpages or emails), employers need not include all required compensation and/or benefits if such information is hyperlinked or accessible via a URL provided within the electronic posting, with a clear indication in the posting that the hyperlink or URL provides access to compensation and/or benefits specific to that position. Similarly, where an electronic posting is accessible only via another posting with compensation information — e.g., a webpage listing multiple jobs (with compensation and benefits) that links to an application page for each job (without compensation and benefits) — compensation and benefits need not be included on the second or subsequent posting. It is the employer’s responsibility to assure continuous compliance with functionality of links, up-to-date information, and information that applies to the specific job posting (e.g., not a single pay “range,” or identical benefits, for multiple jobs for which the actual pay ranges or benefits would be different).

So when it comes to your CoolWorks job postings, you can include your wage and benefit information in the posting itself, or provide a link to a page on your website where wage and benefit information is provided.

Please note: This article should not be interpreted as legal advice. For further clarification, please contact the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment or consult a Colorado employment law specialist.