Crater Lake National Park



It was mid-January when a post popped up on my screen. “What is this!?!” I had retired from a flight attendant career five years earlier and to say I was itching for some excitement would be an understatement.
I applied to be a barista at Many Glacier Hotel. They replied that I had missed hiring for summer. July came along, and I received a phone call: “How soon could you come?”
I had never spent much time in mountainous states. I came from Iowa, and I felt I had been dropped from the sky into an unbelievable scene. I still can’t believe my first sight of Glacier National Park; I couldn’t stop smiling! I awoke every morning to beautiful sunrises because I was blessed to start the coffee at a historic Lodge, Many Glacier Hotel at Heidi’s, an iconic coffee and snack shop.
It was the last Hoorah because the hotel was scheduled for a two-year renovation. I met coworkers from all over the world. I had a summer of Hootenannys, kayaks, horseback riding, and hiking to see the last existing glaciers. I saw bears, mountain goats moose, and big horn sheep every day. It was like summer camp for grownups, with a little mischief thrown in. It was fun!
I left at the end of the season and I was hooked! I applied for retail at Big Sky ski resort – back to Montana! I was drawn to move to Montana to experience that lifestyle. I have spent a year exploring around Flathead Lake. Next, I decided to do another work vacation, this time in Yellowstone Park this summer for five months. I had researched many choices on CoolWorks again from Alaska to San Juans, and I quickly chose Yellowstone when the opportunity presented itself. I expect more wildlife to photograph and more hiking and exploring.
I tell everyone to jump at the chance to have a work vacation if you can, and will give you choices all over the world. GET OUT THERE!


P.S. I went on to Grand Tetons, Jackson Lake Lodge and a ranch in NM, Vermejo Park Ranch, now going back to Glacier Park on the West side😁cannot wait! To see those soaring beautiful mountains😁


Donna Montgomery April 11, 2018


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