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CoolWorks Jobs – Something for Everyone!

I recently enjoyed the opportunity to have a fabulous conversation with a retired Police Officer. He said “I’m just starting to look at Are these all entry-level positions for college-aged summer workers?” I was delighted to say – “Are you sitting down? Here’s the really good news!” and I proceeded to offer him hope and encouragement, and if there’s a way to see lightbulbs and fireworks lighting up over the telephone, I’d say that was happening. These are the conversations that help me love. my. job. And these are the conversations that plant seeds and inspire thinking outside the cubicle and let job seekers of all ages and experience levels know there will most likely be a match for them in The Land of Great Places.

If I had you on the phone with me, I’d be nudging you with the same prompts. What have you done in your previous chapters that you really liked? Do you have a passion for something specific – learning, driving, teaching, conversation, small engine repair, boating? Do you have a knack for remembering fine details? Have you owned and operated a business? Do you have the patience of a saint? These are just the “opening lines” to what’s next.

From there, our conversation would lead to helping you start to see your “transferrable skills”. For this job seeker – we don’t often see “Police Officer” posted, but we might see Security Officer. We might see Safety Trainer. We definitely see Campground Host. We might see Assistant Marina Manager. In all those cases, dealing with diverse groups of people, enforcing policies, creating documentation, and being knee-deep in communication, listening and problem-solving will put you in the driver’s seat as a candidate for some amazing opportunities.

Some of you may have defined skill sets – Accounting, IT Support, Payroll, Retail Sales, Management, Food and Beverage, Lifeguard, Inventory, CDL Driving, Maintenance. These types of positions are available with many of the employers who advertise on CoolWorks.

Also keep in mind that many employers will “promote from within” whenever possible. There will always be entry-level positions for employers in the guest services industry to fill – and in our experience, we know that by sheer volume, Kitchen Help and Housekeepers are at the top of the heap. In the first few weeks, or even later in the season, your employer may identify a need for Server Assistants, Hosts or Assistant Dining Room Manager and then attempt to fill an open position by looking at the bench strength of their Kitchen Help. The same will hold true in other departments. The sky might really be the limit!

Keep your eyes wide open as you’re exploring the possibilities. Guest Ranch Happy Hour Host. Fishing Guide or Dock Rental Agent in Alaska. Bartender on a Train. Piano Player. Goat Herder. Organic Farm Stand Sales. Cherry Pie or Popover Baker. ClamBake Cook. Open-air Tram Driver. Zip-Line Photographer. Camp Nurse. Yes, really! All this and so much more.

We’re happy to help you “see yourself” in a whole new light!