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Cool and Courageous – Chapters, Characters and Community

The Team fields questions from folks like you every day. Many wonder if it’s really possible to find a job. Others may have been “hovering” for a while, and finally it’s time to start setting a dream in motion. And then there are the courageous – those of you who have stepped out of the wonder and into the “wonderlands”. Congrats on being wherever you are in the journey!

Like the first love you never forget, Yellowstone was the beginning of my adventure. Lots and lots of years ago. Many chapters contain the pages of my Yellowstone history book. Along the way, a diverse and spectacular cast of characters contributed storylines and images, moments and memories.

Throughout the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to catch up with some of these folks. Conversations drift from “What year was that?” to “Do you remember that time we … sat in the fireplace? Climbed Avalanche Peake? Saw the twin Moose calves? Felt the ground rumble? Got caught in a raging creek? Watched Old Faithful during a full moon? (Note: Some adventures simply cannot be shared via anything louder than a whisper, while checking around to see who might overhear, as if we’re still sheepish about how crazy we may have been.) Those were the moments that ushered us into the community of Good People – Great Places.

While our history is what connected us initially, there’s so much more to the stories of these good people. Travel, jobs, families, shenanigans, sorrows, successes, buckets lists and so much more.

Rosanna – is about to celebrate her 70th birthday – just a year out from summers in the Tetons and winters in Scottsdale, working as a Concierge and Front Desk Agent.

George – went on to a long career with the National Park Service, his lovely wife Joy – a nurse.

Andre – is “somewhat” retired from a career as a dispatcher and Air Tanker Base Manager with the US Forest Service.

Leann and her husband Steve – became teachers and serve in the tiny village of Chugach, AK.

Mary – returned to college for a second degree and is an adjunct art professor and foodie photographer.

Jan – uses her smarts to assist underserved youth in Indianapolis and performs in as many stage shows as she can work into her schedule.

A sprinkling of others have hit the South Pole, are still hiking and working and skiing in Yellowstone, climbing as a ranger in Rainer, and pouring their hearts into work with UNICEF and Voices From The Border and PBS and Doctors Without Borders and Army Corps of Engineers. There are fabulous new versions of “The Incredibles” just waiting to be written!

A Job In A Great Place is so much more than a Job. You’ll come away with your own unique cast of characters, bonded by experience and time and place. And your very own chapters will be written and shared for years to come.

“Surround yourself with people who make you happy. People who make you laugh, who help you when you’re in need. People who genuinely care. They are the ones worth keeping in your life. Everyone else is just passing through.” – Karl Marx

Explore Some Possibilities!

There’s always a GREAT PLACE and GOOD PEOPLE waiting just around the bend.