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South Lake Tahoe, California

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The Firefalls of Yosemite

Think of Yosemite National Park and images of its iconic waterfalls may come to mind. But have you heard of Yosemite’s Firefalls? Turns out there were two. A manmade version that started in 1872 and lasted for almost 100 years, and today’s much loved version courtesy of Mother Nature.…

The Fred Harvey Company: The Original Seasonal Jobs

Seasonal pilgrimage has roots going back over a century now. A notable group of early pioneers – some of the original “seasonal workers” – were leaving their homes and traveling across the county for seasonal jobs starting in 1880 for the Fred Harvey Company.

Go Searching for Your Last Frontier

I recently returned home after two weeks spent in the Last Frontier. In honor of Alaska Day, which was this past Thursday, October 18th. I thought it fitting to dedicate this weeks’ Compass to our 49th state!