4UR Ranch

Early morning at the 4UR during an autumn fog
Horses out grazing
Hiking around the ranch
Staff gets ready to pose on top of the seasons last load of hay
Staff spending time at the range
Fishing guides take a hike on their day off
Wranglers taking a walk after their Tuesday breakfast ride
Fly Fishing on Goose Creek
Pastry Chef in action
Senior Wrangler on his way to the herd for the bring in
Several horses graze in front of the hay barn after a heavy rainfall
Fishing on Goose Creek

Unique Colorado Ranch Experience

Rich in history and tradition, the 4UR Ranch has been delighting families for generations.  Our high guest return rate has given the ranch a friendly and inviting family atmosphere that we are very proud of.  Come join the 4UR team and experience a real taste of the west, and a once in a lifetime experience.

About 4UR Ranch

The 4UR ranch is an exclusive guest ranch nestled in the San Juan Mountain range of southwest Colorado.  For many generations we have been providing a first class family vacation with a variety of activities, and amenities.  Fly fishing is one of our main attractions with over 6.5 miles of private water on Goose Creek, and 1.5 miles on the Rio Grande River.  We have four fly fishing guides on staff to give our guests the ultimate experience on our waters by providing lessons and guided trips.  Our horseback program allows our guests to have a personalized learning experience at the barn.  From lessons in the high country, to work in the arena, our wranglers make this program a fun learning experience.  Additionally, our philosophy of Natural Horsemanship helps us cater to novice and experienced riders alike. 

One of the most important programs on the ranch is our Woolyboogers Program (kid’s program). The goal of the program is to include the children in western style, outdoor activities, that both educate and entertain.  Woolyboogers have their program from 9:00am to 5:00 pm, with several evening events taking place throughout the week.  While horseback riding is the focus of the program, activities such as swimming, hiking, raft racing, and other outdoor festivities round out the rest of the week.

We are very fortunate to have a heated swimming pool, and a natural hot springs pool.  Both are used by our guests and staff, and provide a very relaxing experience.

Our Staff is the single most important factor in our guest’s vacation experience.  Hard work while having a great time is our goal.

The Employee Experience

Living and working at the 4UR Ranch become one in the same when you spend a summer out here in the mountains. Shortly after beginning work here, you'll see why most employees would say that the daily grind doesn't exist at the ranch. When employees aren't working they are enjoying everything the ranch has to offer including: hiking, biking, fly fishing, horseback riding, the quaint town of Creede and the hot springs & pool. One of the greatest things about working at 4UR Ranch is getting to take advantage of all these activities that our guests enjoy on a daily basis. And of course the people are hard to beat; every summer lifelong friendships are made between kindred spirits who enjoy the nostalgia of these Colorado mountains. 

Ideal Candidate

We are looking for staff members who are cheerful, enthusiastic and genuinely friendly. Our staff members must have a positive outlook toward the ranch and have the desire to help our guests have a wonderful vacation.  Interacting with guest is both a regular occurrence and a rewarding one too; it's what makes staying here and working here such a unique and fulfilling experience.  


Room and Board

No need to worry about where to live, employee housing is provided to all our staff.  We have four cabin buildings, and everyone will have roommates.  Additionally, staff cabins are all located along the west bank of Goose Creek.  We supply all bed linens, pillows, and towels; laundry facilities are also provided.  Staff also has the pleasure of three meals a day, prepared by the gifted 4UR kitchen staff. If teamwork, hard work, and staff camaraderie are what you are looking for, the 4UR will be the experience of a lifetime.

Employee Perks

We pay hourly plus overtime, room and board provided. Staff is welcomed to use guest facilities and activities during their off time.  A few examples of those activities include horseback riding, trap shooting, fly fishing and the hot springs spa. We also encourage your family and friends to visit the ranch.


Getting Here and Getting Around

The 4UR Ranch is located in the San Juan Mountain range of Southwest Colorado.  We are 1 hour west of Alamosa, and 2 hours North of Durango.  If you decide to fly or take a bus into Alamosa, we will be there to pick you up. Although it can be a long drive from your home, it’s very convenient to have a vehicle.

For Fun

Activities on the ranch include fly fishing, horseback riding, swimming pool, hot springs spa, mountain biking, hiking, and trap/sporting clays shooting.  In the town of Creede, we have the renowned Creede Repertory Theater as well as excellent food and drink found in the local eateries.  During the summer, there are several music festivals in the area as well as local rodeos.  Furthermore, the nearby town of Monte Vista host the annual Ski-Hi Stampede, Colorado's oldest pro rodeo.  If you are interested in visual arts, there are plenty of opportunities and places to indulge in you craft during off time.  Additionally, the ranch takes up a new personality at night as the stars and milky way conquer the sky. We also encourage any musicians to bring their instrument along as there are always several staff members that will be looking to play.   


Our Jobs

The positions typically hired for each summer include the following:


Assistant Cook

Creede, Colorado
Simple cooking and food preparation, assisting chef in the making of sauces, soups and salads. Set-up for meal service. Also, some basic grill work.

Children’s Counselor

Creede, Colorado
Supervise guest children while participating with them in various activities, games and events. Emphasis is on outdoor education, such as nature hikes, nature crafts, wildlife identification and horseback riding.

Fly Fishing Guide

Creede, Colorado
Fly-Fishing Guide/Hiking Guide: Teach basic and advanced fly-fishing techniques, via both casting lessons and on-stream instruction. Also, guide hikes for guests. A general knowledge of the outdoors is necessary.


Creede, Colorado
Maintain ranch grounds; mow, prune, trim, water, some landscape work. Also, maintain lawn equipment.


Creede, Colorado
Responsible for the day to day cleanliness of guest rooms, common areas, owner’s homes and all guest buildings,evening turn-downs and some daily childcare. When not working on rooms, housekeepers will be on landscaping crew.

Ranch Hand

Creede, Colorado
Handle guest transport, guest luggage, basic maintenance around the main lodge, maintenance of the swimming pool and mineral spa, basic vehicle upkeep, stocking firewood and set-up for weekly cookouts.


Creede, Colorado
Serve ranch guests three daily meals, as well as maintain dining room appearance and order on a continuing basis. Includes rotational dishwashing duties shared by all.


Creede, Colorado
Care for 45-50 head of horses used for trail rides, including daily brushing, grooming and some veterinary work. Lead guest trail rides:saddle horses, mount riders and conduct riding lessons according to the principles of natural horsemanship.Considerable horse experience is required.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for the summer season, please call us at: 719 658 2202

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