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Jobs are available in a variety of departments:

  • Housekeeping
  • Food and Beverage
  • Front Desk
  • Gift Shop Staff
  • Hotel Operations
  • Seasonal Supervisory
  • Maintenance
  • Administrative
  • Accounting
  • Dishwasher

    Food & Beverage
    Zion Lodge
    $12.00 / hour

    The Zion Lodge is looking for Dishwashers to join our team! 

    The Details:
    Start Date: March - April 2023
    Position Type: Year-Round or Seasonal



    • Clean and sanitize all cooking utensils, dishware, pot/pans and work areas.
    • Sweep and mop kitchen floors and break room areas.
    • Clean walls and shelves of both the kitchen area and walk-in freezers and refrigerators.
    • Clean and sanitize restrooms.
    • Restock dishes on the cook line.
    • Follow all policy, procedures and service standards.
    • Assist with other duties as assigned.


    • Ability to work around high temperatures, cleaning detergents and chemicals.
    • Ability to stand for long periods of time and walk frequently.
    • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds frequently.
  • Housekeeper

    Zion Lodge
    $12.75 / hour + tips

    Adventures await in Zion National Park. We are looking for versatile Housekeepers who enjoy living, working, and exploring extraordinary places.


    The Details:
    Start Date: February - April 2023
    Position Type: Year-Round or Seasonal


    • Clean and prepare guest rooms to the trained standards.
    • Follow trained procedures of chemical use and room cleaning.
    • Be courteous and welcoming in all guest contact.
    • Comply with the established housekeeping policies and procedures.
    • Assist in other housekeeping duties as assigned by the Rooms Inspector.


    • Previous Housekeeping experience helpful, but not required.
    • Organizational skills.
    • Perform strenuous activities such as standing, walking, stooping, bending, kneeling, crouching, carrying, reaching, pushing, pulling, twisting, and finger dexterity.
    • Ability to maintain excellent attendance and punctuality.
  • Retail Associate

    Zion Lodge
    $12.00 / hour

    Help our guests take home Zion memories!

    The Zion Lodge is looking for Retail Associates to join our team - Apply here!

    The Details:
    Start Date: February - April 2023
    Position Type: Year-Round or Seasonal 
    Wage Range: $12.00/hr


    • Welcome guests to gift shop and provide any assistance needed.
    • Abide by proper cash handling procedures.
    • Keep the sales floor clean; which includes sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and trash removal.
    • Give accurate helpful information to guests.
    • Maintain a good working relationship with Managers and co-workers.
    • Maintain a safe work area.


    • Able to function with flexibility and courteous behavior in a high-traffic seasonal retail operation.
    • Acquire and demonstrate a basic knowledge of product information. 
    • Maintain excellent attendance and punctuality.
    • Able to stand/walk for a minimum eight-hour shift.
    • Frequently lift and carry cartons weighing up to 50 lbs.
  • Cook

    Food & Beverage
    Zion Lodge
    $13.75 / hour

    Live. Cook. Explore.

    This entry-level position helps with the daily operations of our fast-paced kitchen. Will help with food prep, cooking, and cleaning as needed. Can help train candidates if you have limited experience in the kitchen or food and beverage.


    The Details:
    Start Date: February - April 2023
    Position Type: Year-Round or Seasonal 

  • Dining Room Attendant

    Food & Beverage
    Zion Lodge
    $12.00 / hour + tips

    Join our fast-paced and fun F&B team as a Dining Room Attendant!

    Apply here!

    The Details:
    Start Date: February - April 2023
    Position Type: Year-Round or Seasonal 
    Wage Range: $12.00/hr + tips


    • Provide excellent customer service in a fast-paced dining environment. 
    • Serve food and drinks to guests. (Not full-service dining - cafe-style dining experience.)
    • Help organize to-go orders.
    • Clean, stock, and maintain work areas.
    • Other duties as assigned. 
    • Receive cross-training as Host & Busser.


    • Ability to effectively communicate with guests, co-workers, and supervisors.
    • Ability to absorb information quickly: Menus, reservation systems, dining room floor plan, and point-of-sale operations.
    • Must be able to stand for long periods of time, approximately 8 hours.
  • Front Desk Agent

    Zion Lodge
    $12.50 / hour

    Join our guest services team as a Front Desk Agent!

    Apply here

    The Details:
    Start Date: Immediately
    Position Type: Seasonal or Year-round
    Wage Range: $12.50/hr


    • Maintain positive guest relations at all times.
    • Register guests while receiving and posting proper payment and finalizing guest accounts at checkout.
    • Assign guest rooms or cabins, issue keys ensuring guest security at all times and in accordance with Xanterra established guidelines.
    • Answer telephones in the specified time frames following proper guidelines, and using correct greetings and telephone etiquette.
    • To conscientiously handle Lost and Found items following guidelines established by Xanterra.
    • To educate guests on Xanterra environmental policies and procedures.
    • Accurately follow cash handling procedures and secure bank at all times.


    • Strong communication skills.
    • General/Basic computer skills.
    • Ability to interact with diverse people and help resolve any issues.
    • Must be flexible and open to changes in procedures.
    • Standing for up to eight hours per shift.
    • Requires bending, stretching, and reaching throughout a shift up to 8 hours.
  • General Maintenance

    Maintenance & Engineering
    Zion Lodge
    $13.65 / hour

    The Zion Lodge is looking for a general maintenance worker to join our team.


    The Details:
    Start Date: Spring 2023
    Position Type: Seasonal or Long Term
    Wage Range: $13.65/hr


    • Provide general maintenance skills necessary for the repair and maintenance of the facility.
    • Performs mixed duties in diagnosing and repairing for the proper maintenance and operation of buildings at location.
    • Follow all policy, procedures, and service standards.
    • Accountable for materials used and ordering of items needed for job completion or inventory replacement per established Company procedure.  
    • Do non-related job tasks as necessary.


    • Previous experience in plumbing, carpentry, and electrical preferred.
    • Performs lifting, shoveling, clean-up work, snow and ice removal, painting and assist in general maintenance work.
    • Performs basic repair and maintenance of assigned equipment.
    • Operation/use of pick-up, snowblower, small power tools, shovels, rakes and other maintenance tools.
    • Comply with all current related safety and health requirements.
    • Able to read, understand and comply with all current Company policies and procedures.
    • Must possess physical stamina and condition to withstand heavy labor-related work in an outside environment.
    • Must be capable of lifting objects weighing up to 70 pounds with reasonable accommodations provided.
    • Must possess a valid driver's license.
  • Laundry Attendant

    Zion Lodge
    $12.00 / hour

    The Zion Lodge is looking for a Laundry Attendant to join our busy team! Help the housekeeping department clean and manage linens and towels. Learn more and apply today!

    Start Date: February - April 2023
    Position Type: Year-Round or Seasonal 
    Wage Range: $12.00/hr


    • Operate washers, washers/extractors, and drying tumblers according to laundry procedures.
    • Collect dirty laundry throughout the property via pushcarts.
    • Monitor all equipment for correct operation.
    • Keep the wash deck and tunnel area clear of linens on the floor. Keep emptied bins neat and organized.
    • Follow proper safety practices as specified by laundry management including lockout-tagout, and personal protective equipment such as chemical protective gear.


    • Ability to learn quickly and follow instructions accurately.
    • Basic computer skills are helpful, including the ability to start and stop computer-controlled equipment.
    • Good organizational skills, including the ability to plan production sequences, coordinate production through multiple stages and coordinate with the finish floor to optimize overall production.
  • Night Entry Security

    Zion Lodge
    $12.50 / hour

    The Zion Lodge is currently looking for a Night Entry Security to join our team as a security guard patrolling the property.


    The Details:
    Start Date: March 2023
    Position Type: Year-Round or Seasonal 
    Wage Range: $12.50/hr with single-status housing


    • Patrol assigned buildings and grounds to observe and identify potential safety/security risks.
    • Respond to all intrusion and fire alarms and assist in implementing emergency procedures.
    • Respond to medical emergencies and provide care within the scope of training.
    • Observe, report, and document any violations of policies, rules, regulations, and laws governing the location.
    • Perform public safety and protective functions in a courteous and professional manner.
    • Project a positive, customer service-oriented demeanor when interacting with employees/visitors.


    • Must be 21 years of age or older.
    • Have a valid driver’s license and a good driving record.
    • Have or be able to obtain CPR, first aid, and AED certification through the American Heart Association. (Training available through Xanterra Parks & Resorts)
    • Successfully pass a background check as well as a pre-employment drug test.
    • Demonstrate maturity, a professional demeanor, good judgment, diplomacy, objectivity, and sound conflict/crisis intervention and problem-solving skills for managing employee or guest complaints.
    • Be able to effectively perform duties in highly stressful or crisis situations and work under pressure without loss of composure.
    • Requires the ability to communicate professionally and effectively with a diverse population of employees and guests.
  • Recycling Associate

    Zion Lodge
    $12.00 / hour

    We are looking for a recycler that can help join our team. Start your adventures today - APPLY NOW!

    The Details:
    Start Date: February - May 2023
    Position Type: Seasonal or Year Round
    Wage Range: $12.00/hr


    • Responsible for compliance with safety standards as applicable to the job.
    • Recycler in charge of garbage/trash removal from all departments in addition to recycling.
    • Responsible for transporting recyclables to a place determined by location management and/or NPS.
    • Distribute and empty recyclable containers throughout the property on a regular schedule.
    • Responsible for training and assisting staff at the operation level with the recycling program.
    • Prepare, maintain and submit necessary records on amounts (in Lbs per product) of recycled materials to Location Management.


    • Must be at least 21 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license.
    • Capable of driving a vehicle over 1 ton with trailer.
    • Ability to work independently with a minimum of supervision to complete assigned tasks in a timely and professional manner.
    • Capable of lifting objects weighing up to 70 pounds or more with reasonable accommodation.
    • Capable of maintaining excellent attendance and punctuality.
    • Must have experience in recycling or related education.

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