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Group Sales Representative

YMCA of the Rockies

Estes Park, Colorado, Granby, Colorado, and Remote Jobs

Join the Sales Department at the largest YMCA camp, conference, and retreat center in the world.

  • year round

Help manage the Building & Grounds operations at a Rocky Mountain resort in Colorado!

  • year round

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We typically have positions available at both locations in the following departments:

  • Guest Services
  • Hospitality 
  • Human Resources
  • Chaplain/Ministry
  • Buildings & Grounds
  • Conference Services 
  • Office/Administrative
  • Volunteers
  • Internships
  • Programs
    • Outdoor education, family programs, ropes course, archery, adventure activities, lifeguards, day camp, and general recreation. 
  • Group Sales Representative (Year-Round)

    Estes Park Center
    $17.17 - $20.39 / hour

    Apply Online: Group Sales Representative (Year-Round)
    Job Description: The Group Sales Representative is responsible for researching, contacting, and booking new group and conference business, and negotiating terms of group contracts. This position requires the ability to work in a fast-paced, multi-tasking environment, while upholding the YMCA of the Rockies mission, policies, and programs.

  • Intern - Human Resources

    Human Resources
    Estes Park Center
    $13.61 / hour

    Apply Online: Intern - Human Resources
    Job Description: This position supports the work of the YMCA of the Rockies, which operates a mission-based family and group conference and retreat center and a residential camp, serving more 225,000 people annually. The Human Resources Hiring Office Assistant will screen applicants, conduct interviews, hire staff, initiate/review references, background checks, and onboarding paperwork.

  • Activities & Recreation Opportunities

    Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch
    $13.65 - $13.65 / hour

    Apply Here: Activities & Recreation Positions

    The Family Program Teams lead the charge on FUN! They guide guests in a variety of activities and sports; they teach archery, outdoor nature activities and science experiments; they staff the mini-golf clubhouses, the roller rinks, and the Program desks. The teams share information about our Programs, our Association, Rocky Mountain National Park, and surrounding areas.

    Craft Shop Instructors excel at creativity. They teach a variety of crafts to guests and staff, including ceramics, leather crafts, glass fusion, wood burning, tie-dye, jewelry, and more.

    Adventure Activity Facilitators are an experienced and trained group of staff who facilitate a low ropes course, instruct on a zip line (Snow Mountain Ranch), work on mountain bikes, and teach rock climbing.

    Hikemasters are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced hires of the area. They have travelled miles of trails learning the terrain, the flora, the fauna, and the history of the Rocky Mountains to provide our guests with an unforgettable hiking experience.

    Museum Guides keep the history of YMCA of the Rockies alive through tours of our museum and historic spots. Knowledgeable in the foundation of YMCA of the Rockies, they are a resource to guests and staff wanting to connect to our past.

    Lifeguards - what vacation is complete without a pool! Lifeguards are our safeguards. They keep guests and staff safe by monitoring the pool and swimmers at all times, keeping the area safe from slips, trips, and falls, and keeping locker rooms clean and tidy. Head lifeguard positions also available.

    Day Camp Counselors (Estes Park Center - summer) provide character building and life-enriching experiences for today's youth through traditional camp activities. Serving children ages 5-17, counselors lead games, hikes, exploration and much more. Director, Inclusion, Specialty, and Nurse positions also available.

    The Environmental Education Team (Estes Park Center) teaches Experiential Science-Based Programs to 5th-12th grade students from around the US. Instructors get the opportunity to build relationships with their group of students over their 3-day program, in which instructors teach four three-hour science classes, two recreational activities, and two evening programs. Come make a difference and teach our youth about how to care for our environment. Lead instructor positions also available.

    The Outdoor Education Team (Snow Mountain Ranch - spring & fall) connects school children to the wonders of the outdoors. Teaching water ecology, forest ecology, pioneer life, orienteering, team building, climbing wall, challenge courses, day hikes and more, instructors are the link to our future generations appreciating and protecting our outdoors.

    Nordic Staff (Snow Mountain Ranch - winter months) LOVE the snow! They rent and sell ski equipment, issue trail passes, ensure a clean and safe Nordic center facility, assist with race days, and answer questions about our award winning 100 kilometers of groomed ski trails. Nordic Groomers keep our ski trails open and in pristine condition. They operate chain saws, snowmobiles and other Nordic grooming equipment.

  • Buildings & Grounds Opportunities

    Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch
    $13.65 - $13.65 / hour

    Apply Here: Building & Grounds Positions

    With over 860 acres at the Estes Park Center and over 5000 acres at Snow Mountain Ranch, along with and hundreds of buildings, the Buildings and Grounds Staff at both centers are responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement of all cabins, lodges, support facilities, equipment, utilities, landscaping and roads.

    The Building Maintenance Department is responsible for the upkeep of all YMCA of the Rockies buildings Staff repair minor problems on grounds in public areas and private cabin and lodge accommodations, including changing light bulbs, installing screens, and unclogging toilets. They climb ladders, scaffolding and work on roofs; shovel snow from walks, porches, stairs and roofs (primarily October to April); operate a variety of hand and power tools; assist year-round employees, learning from them on projects; pick up trash on assigned route and dispose of properly.

    The Grounds Maintenance Department cares for the upkeep, beautification and improvement of the YMCA grounds. They operate and maintain underground sprinkler systems, plant and care for flowers, trees, shrubs and grass, and assist in daily trash pick up and removal.

  • Conferences, Special Events, and Weddings

    Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch
    $13.65 - $13.65 / hour

    Apply Here: Conference, Groups, Special Events Positions

    From Family Reunions and Conference Groups, to Faith Based Groups and Government Groups, our Conference Departments at Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch help create unique and memorable events for all participants. Office Staff assist group leaders with coordination of conferences, special events, weddings, family reunions, and banquets. Event Staff provide all the physical pieces needed for the group by setting up event spaces and audio/visual equipment, delivering refreshments and other requested equipment and supplies. Event staff also maintain public restrooms and lobbies. The Wedding Assistant helps couples with pre-wedding planning, manages weddings according to contracts, and attends to post-wedding evaluations.

  • Front Desk and Guest Registration Opportunities

    Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch
    $13.65 - $13.65 / hour

    Apply Online: Front Desk & Hospitality Positions 

    Serving over 200,000 guests a year at Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch, the Front Desk/Guest Registration Staff often provide the first face-to-face impression of YMCA of the Rockies to our guests and ensure they are given accurate and in-depth information about their accommodations and activities.

  • Human Resources/ People Operations Opportunities

    Human Resources
    Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch
    $13.65 - $13.65 / hour

    Apply Online: Human Resources Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities

    Hiring over 2000 seasonal staff and volunteers a year for Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch, the Human Resources Department ensures YMCA of the Rockies' policies and systems function as intended and they take care of the needs of the staff throughout the employee's life cycle with the YMCA. The Hiring Team screens applicants, conducts interviews, assists in hiring seasonal staff by initiating reference checks, background checks, and onboarding materials. The Staff Housing and Experience Teams ensure a welcoming, supportive, and staff-centric environment by providing clean and safe housing for staff; planning and leading staff activities; and being a helpful and reliable resource to all staff.

  • Gap Programs

    Programs & HR
    Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch
    $13.65 - $13.65 / hour

    Elevate Gap Program: Learn more and apply here.
    Dates: January 30 - June 2, 2023 and July 31 - December 8, 2023.
    Discover Gap Program: Learn more and apply here.
    Dates: February 6 - July 24, 2023 & August 6, 2023 - January 31, 2024.

    YMCA of the Rockies offers a quality gap program option for individuals looking to take time after high school before college, or looking for a break from college to gain work and life experience before jumping into academics or a career. We aim to develop the person to grow individually, explore their faith and establish their own values and beliefs.