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  • Lodging Maintenance Technician

    Winter Park Resort
    $20.00 - $23.00 / hour


    Maintenance Technicians work as an integral part of the larger Winter Park Resort Lodging (WPRL).The Division is responsible for the property management of nearly 300 condos/hotel rooms (constructed between 1986 and 2009), and commercial space in the Village. We are charged with assuring the safe, efficient, fiscally responsible, and high-quality operation of this significant physical plant (from the largest building infrastructure systems through to in-condo appliances and minor repairs) 24 hours a day/365 days per year.

    The Maintenance Tech is very much considered a “Front of House” role with regular service interaction required between the Tech and our guests, homeowners, internal partners, and other stakeholders. Expeditiously and effectively responding to guest/owner/tenant calls for maintenance assistance forms one of the most critical functions of this role. Additionally, completing daily/weekly/monthly/annual routine and preventative maintenance tasks and taking on specialized project work rounds out the rest of this role. Maintenance Techs will typically have a “home” property as their base; however, the Techs can expect to be assigned to tasks and projects in every property at different times depending on business needs.


    The base hourly pay range below represents the low and high end of Winter Park Resort's hourly pay range for this position. Actual pay will vary and may be above or below the range based on various factors including but not limited to experience, education, training, location, merit system, quantity or quality of production, responsibilities, and regular and/or necessary travel. The range listed is just one component of Winter Park Resort's total compensation package for employees. Other rewards may include many region-specific benefits.

    Hourly Pay Range: $20-$23 DOE


    1. Respond to guest/owner/internal maintenance calls.

    • Efficiently respond to all maintenance calls dispatched either by the HotSOS work order system, in person or via phone. Complete basic maintenance tasks to the highest degree of quality.
    • Use all established protocols for approaching, announcing, and entering any condo (whether believed to be vacant or occupied) – every time.
    • Use all established protocols when working inside any condo – whether occupied or not.
    • Leave work location (whether condo, common area, maintenance shops, employee area or administrative area) in pristine condition following project completion.
    • Display professionalism, proficiency and guest-centric demeanor when interacting with guests, homeowners, and peers always.
    • Escalate issues that the Maintenance Tech is not able to effectively address to Supervisor or Manager in a timely manner.
    • Report on completion (or delay if further issue is discovered) immediately via use of HotSOS or other communications tools as directed.
    • Immediately report any safety concerns, injuries or guest service challenges encountered during any dispatched call.
    • Accurately diagnose more complex maintenance issues including in-unit problems or building systems problems. Can trouble-shoot larger issues (multiple units, multiple-property issues) and provide a timely and sufficient update to all stakeholders.
    • Able to complete basic-to-intermediate plumbing, electric, HVAC, carpentry/finish repairs without supervision when dispatched on maintenance calls.

    2. Perform routine and preventative maintenance tasks (daily/weekly/monthly/annually).

    • Follow all established protocols and deadlines for conducting routine and preventative maintenance communicated either via HotSOS work orders and/or as directed by Management. Includes but is not limited to:
      • Opening/closing of hot tubs and swimming pools (including chemical testing, temperature check and reviewing equipment function).
      • Taking readings and accurately documenting key building systems data e.g., boiler pressure; domestic hot water temperature; heating system pumps PSI, glycol levels, etc.
      • Exchanging air filters.
    • Perform trash removal.
    • Complete work documented in annual room surveys (annual inspection and repairs) in units participating on short-term occupancy rental program. Perform staining/oiling of outdoor patio furniture.
    • Perform more complex tasks emanating from the annual room surveys.
    • Perform actual room survey, inspect unit for designated issues and document such issues.
    • Perform “spring project” tasks on behalf of the HOA including painting, general repair in common areas.
    • Perform annual/bi-annual deep-clean of pools/hot-tubs.
    • Assist peer departments with basic maintenance services (e.g., housekeeping vacuum repair, light bulb replacement in office areas, furniture assembly).
    • Able to complete basic-to-intermediate plumbing, electric, HVAC, carpentry/finish repairs without supervision when requested by peer departments.

    3. Emergency Response

    • Act immediately when notified by Front Desk or Security of any alarms being activated in any properties either inside condos or in common areas. Quickly identify if the issue needs to be escalated for a full emergency response or whether official emergency responders can be called off.
    • In cases of actual emergency, assist with building evacuation following all established procedures.
    • Act immediately and contact supervisors if any building infrastructure systems go into “trouble” or “alarm” status.
    • Respond immediately, calmly, and professionally in cases of guests being stuck in elevators.
    • Assist with diagnoses/locations of root cause of emergency alerts (if it is a system fault –e.g., faulty smoke detector head) and work to rectify while ensuring Front Desk and management is kept informed.

    4. Access Control/Security

    • Follow all established procedures for entering condos and commercial properties to protect guest/owner privacy.
    • Respond to all lock/key card guest calls as a priority. Follow all established protocols for confirming guest, owner, or tenant identities before allowing access into any condo or commercial property.
    • Ensure all mechanical rooms, electrical rooms, areas containing tools and equipment, areas containing chemicals, and areas containing either personal or company property are always secured.
    • Ensure all company tools, machinery and vehicles are kept secured when not in use.
    • Show extreme diligence and integrity when working on any task involving access control or security (e.g., such as key cutting/distribution; dealing with guest/owner/EE lockouts; assisting with cases of guest damage).
    • Take all necessary steps to protect guest, owner, and employee privacy (e.g., by not discussing internal issues with external parties; by not sharing guest/owner data etc.).
    • Authorized to act as escort for vendors when access to private properties is required (e.g., into commercial locations and private condos during annual fire system testing).
    • Can generate good quality, accurate and thoughtful estimates of replacement/repair costs in cases where guests have caused damage to property.

    5. Presentation/Grooming

    • Arrive ready for work in full uniform and adhering to company and Lodging Division specific grooming and appearance guidelines including being freshly showered (i.e., avoid having any potentially offensive body odor).
    • Ensure all clothing is clean and in good condition (no rips or tears). Uniform will be provided.
    • Always be dressed and presented in a manner that you can step into any other front-of-house role at a moment’s notice if the operations’ needs dictate this (e.g., assisting with a large portage call, or being required to drive guests or owners to a location in a company vehicle).

    6. Communication/Guest Service

    • Use a highly engaging, accurate, positive, and professional approach when communicating with guests, owners, and peers at all times. Strive to be up to date (via WP Portal, reading all company post emails and attending departmental meetings) on all pertinent resort information to be able to provide accurate information.
    • Answer all company telephones and cell phones in a professional and courteous manner.
    • Return all emails and phone calls in a timely manner.
    • If provided with a company e-mail account, use it for company business only. Follow all established procedures in terms of signature standards, confidentiality warning language and resort-approved promotions. Take the time and make the effort to write high-quality emails with a focus on accuracy, spelling and grammar.
    • Ensure all appropriate team members are advised about any issues (following established escalation policy) in a timely and accurate manner.
    • Meets, directs to appropriate location(s), provides access and acts as liaison when contractors are called on-site for Company issues (e.g., elevators down).

    7. Using Tools, Equipment & Machinery

    • Ensure you have appropriate experience or request and receive training prior to using any tools, equipment or machinery which may include hand tools, power tools, skid-steer, forklift, trucks, 6-wheeler, genie-lift. Use all required safety equipment depending on the equipment being used.
    • Treat all tools, equipment, and machinery as if it was your own, leaving it in clean, good working condition and stored appropriately when finished.
    • Report any service/performance issues with tools, equipment, machinery, or other supplies immediately to Supervisor.
    • Assist Supervisor and Manager with inventorying/labeling tools, equipment, and supplies.
    • Assist Supervisor and Manager with ordering tools, equipment, and supplies.

    8. Cleaning/Organization

    • Keep all workspaces and project sites clutter-free, clean, and organized.
    • Store all tools, equipment and supplies properly and as directed by Supervisor.
    • Clean and tidy all mechanical, electrical, and other building infrastructure-related locations – focusing on keeping access paths clear and dust/trash/debris to a minimum.
    • Ensure all hot-tub and pool areas (including outdoor furniture) is clean, swept/wiped down, free of trash/debris.

    9. General Landscaping/Snow Removal

    • Assist with basic landscaping tasks (weeding, watering plants, sweeping outside pathways, weed spraying).
    • Assist with snow-removal (typically hand removal) in common areas including hot tub areas, outdoor furniture, patio areas, building entrances.

    10. Record-Keeping (time & materials)

    • Use the timekeeping system to clock-in and clock-out at the beginning and end of every shift. No exceptions.
    • Use HotSOS work order system to accurately log all activity during the day including start, stop and delay times for all tasks to which you are dispatched. No exceptions.
    • Use the utmost accuracy to record all materials, parts and other resources used on any task to which you are assigned.
    • Report any materials, parts, supplies, or other resources which require re-ordering to supervisor.

    11. Safety

    • Follow established procedures, manufacturer instructions, direction from Manager when using tools, equipment, machinery, chemicals.
    • Properly use all PPE required for any given task.
    • Request training and instruction prior to performing any task if you believe you do not have the experience or knowledge required.
    • Immediately address (if able to) any potential safety issues on-the-spot (e.g., removing trip hazards, throwing down ice melt). Immediately report any safety concerns to Supervisor or Manager. Bring forth any ideas for continuing to improve guest and employee safety.
    • Use appropriate signage, barricades, cord covers etc. to prevent guests from entering project sites and to mitigate trip hazards.


    • This role involves ongoing interaction with many external parties including lodging and resort guests, homeowners, Boards of Directors, vendors, contractors, and regulatory bodies.
    • Creating and maintaining positive working relationships with all these parties is critical to the success of the Lodging Division. Further, these relationships must be mutually beneficial for WPRL.
    • The Maintenance Tech must interact with all parties using the highest degrees of professionalism, respect, integrity, and timeliness.


    There are no supervisory responsibilities associated with either role.


    • Is honest and demonstrates integrity.
    • Absolute reliability.
    • Personal accountability.
    • Follows established resort policies and procedures.
    • Can manage confidential information.
    • Reports to work exhibiting a professional appearance within defined guidelines.
    • Is supportive of resort mission and core values.
    • Sets a positive attitude for others to follow.
    • Is comfortable challenging established policies and procedures, but once decisions are made is supportive of decisions.
    • Is organized and capable of performing multiple tasks.
    • Has an eye for detail.
    • Is trustworthy and self-directed in work tasks.
    • Sees projects through to completion.
    • Can handle a fast-paced working environment.
    • Is flexible with days and hours of work (including early mornings, late nights, holidays and weekends), based on resort needs.
    • Prioritizes and re-prioritizes personal time versus work needs to ensure a good balance in life, and quality of work.
    • Puts team success ahead of his/her own.


    • Must be able to move throughout and between multiple lodging properties in the winter and summer under varying conditions.
    • Must be able to work inside and outside in the winter and the summer under varying conditions.
    • Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs. with assistance.
    • Must be able and comfortable working on ladders and in genie lifts.
    • Must be able to work in diverse locations with varying temperatures, light, and noise levels (e.g., boiler rooms, spa mechanical rooms, garages, crawl spaces).
    • Must have dexterity to operate radio, computer, blackberry, hand-tools, power tools, and other equipment.
    • Must have auditory and visual acuity to operate computers, phones, radio, tools, and machinery.


    • High School Diploma or GED required. Higher education desired.
    • Excellent working knowledge and proven skills in basic general maintenance and demonstrable experience and skills in basic-to-intermediate plumbing, electric, carpentry/finish and HVAC including use of all necessary tools, equipment and materials and associated PPE where required.
    • Valid driver’s license and clean motor vehicle record required.
    • Strong interpersonal and communications skills required.
    • Minimum of two (2) years in a commercial or residential maintenance, property management or in a customer service role desired, but will train the right candidate.
    • Proven experience in the hotel, lodging and hospitality industry (especially resort lodging or ski area lodging) preferred.
    • Experience in operating a variety of equipment, including skid-steer highly desirable.
    • Experience using HotSOS preferred.


    This position description is an overview of the scope of responsibilities for the role described above. With the evolution of Winter Park Resort, the responsibilities of this position may change, as may the dates associated with many of the tasks. During these times of change, this position requires the flexibility and willingness to accept new responsibilities and potentially transfer others. It will also be the responsibility of any employee of Winter Park Resort to be a positive influence on the transformation of the resort and its associated lines of business.


    Winter Park Resort is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is dedicated to the principles of equal employment opportunity in any term, condition, or privilege of employment. We do not discriminate against applicants or employees on the basis of age, race, sex, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, or any other status protected by state or local law. Winter Park Resort will make reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals with known disabilities unless doing so would result in an undue hardship to Winter Park Resort. This policy governs all aspects of employment, including selection, job assignment, compensation, discipline, termination, and access to benefits and training. This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed in this position. I understand that this document does not create an employment contract, implied or otherwise, other than an “at will” relationship.

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